POF : Gripe post, this all used to be free.

POF : Gripe post, this all used to be free.

Just wanted to gripe about the site/app.

I used it years ago , so much of what is on the site now requires payment and used to be free.

Also they must have awful regex as occasionally i have found perfectly normal sentences in a message can cause a the message to disappear.

By. lawless_c

What do you think?


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  1. I have been on POF since 2010, on and off but the same account. Sometimes I pay, mostly I’m on the free plan. I haven’t really noticed any important changes in that time to what is free and what isn’t, do you have any specific examples?


    Their software, on the other hand, is the total pits. If they didn’t have more actual users than all other dating sites combined, I would have dropped them years ago. But it is the biggest, by far, so there you are…


    Back when they actually had forums on POF, there were some good discussions about what the filters looked for or at. One thing that would make a message disappear was a string of digits. It turns out this was built in to prevent giving out bank account numbers and such.

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