Tinder : What to Wear

Tinder : What to Wear

As a male, what is the best way to dress for different kinds of dates like going to get coffee, see a movie, getting dinner, etc.?

By. Knightbloo

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  1. Me and my girlfriends “jokingly” say that if a guy rolls up to a date in a button up shirt (or polo, or quarter zip sweater…seasonal equivalent of a button up) then we know he thinks it’s a “date” and not a hang out. (We’ve said this from mid 20s-now at 30)

    It depends on your style, of course… But unless you’re doing something active on a date, I’d err on the side of being slightly over dressed. If you show up on date one with a logo T shirt and ratty sneakers, the girls will assume you don’t really care about making a good impression.

    Not sure if that was the kind of answer you were looking for; hope it helps!

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