Tinder : Who said romance was dead?

Tinder : Who said romance was dead?

Who said romance was dead?

By. ahdkal

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  1. I’m really confused on how one’s insides could be turned into spaghetti. I’ve heard of ‘pulverizing my insides’ and ‘beating up the guts’, but spaghetti?

    I’m staring at my bowl of spaghetti noodles and meatballs with pasta sauce and parmesan cheese in the most genuine sexually questionable way, and I’m still utterly confused.

  2. I feel I need to apologize to you on behalf of humans that are not insane.


    Focus on the fact that you dodged a bullet. That, and reply to his ‘I hate women’ with ‘Would you like me to set you up with my friend Lance? He’d be totally into you!’

  3. Someone who clearly hasn’t ever dealt with cancer firsthandedly. What a disgusting fucking thing to say. Hope no woman will ever give him the time of day.

  4. I’d love to thank all the other guys out there for lowering the bar so much that I seem impressive just for not being a degenerate fuckboi.

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