Dating : Sick of being sad and lonely

Dating : Sick of being sad and lonely

I am so fucking sick of my life and I wish it would end. I have trouble forgiving myself for a decision I made in the summer before my senior year. I had a girl that liked me and I honestly kind of wanted to date her but I decided not to because she was dating a new guy every month and I didn’t want to get my heart broken. I was also to focused on my business and making money. Instead that month she decided to date my best friend and break his heart a month later. She then dated another guy in August and broke his heart but in September she found the person she was going to date the whole school year. Honestly I have been extremely down on myself for not making a move at some point. After realizing 2 months ago high school is ending huge regret has set in for not dating her. Every time I see would see them in the halls or at any school event I just think that could have been us. I just think I ruined my senior year which I had high expectation for. There were some good moments but I run a business and started working out and that ate up almost all of my time. I never sat down and thought about what I did. I will now always remember high school as a bad night watching her dance with the guy she is dating instead of me. I just feel like a complete failure. I have never had a girlfriend before and I am just afraid I will never find another girl like her or even worse never get the chance to ever date her. Everyone says there will be another girl but honestly I am to ugly and to weird to find someone as beautiful and sweet as her. I wake up everyday with a headache wishing I could turn back time and can barely look at myself in the mirror for destroying an opportunity that could have made me so happy. I really am just sick of life and wish somehow it would be over. I feel like I made the stupidest decision and no one else in my shoes would do something that dumb. I don’t think there is a girl like her who will ever have the connection I feel when I am with her. My life up to this point has just been painful. I didn’t have friends for a long time and was always made fun of for being ugly in grade school and have just been fed up with my life. I just wished I rolled over and died. I don’t really have a question and am just looking for some help because I really just can’t take the pain of regret and hopelessness anymore.

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  1. You know that thing people say, like, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? It is weird how that saying gets more and more true as you get older. You learn from your mistakes and you’ll make fewer of them in the future. Try and let go of it. Allow yourself to forgive yourself. You’ll do just fine if you have the courage to keep going.

    You can look backward in regret or you can look forward with optimism.

  2. You’re 18 and I’m sorry stuff didn’t go according to plan but dude you’re 18. I’m 29 and still full of regrets and getting my shit together. You have your whole life ahead.

  3. Really shouldn’t be getting upset over a hoe lol, you just sound desperate, just wait for the right one and dont be lowering your standards for a girl everyone has had

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