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What is the opposite of afterthought?

Opposite of a later or subsequent thought, action, or expedient. forethought. prospect. anticipation. prophesy.

Similarly, What is a synonym for afterthought?

noun. ( ˈæftɝˌθɑːt, ˈæftɝˌθɔt) Thinking again about a choice previously made. Synonyms. turnaround second thought change of mind turnabout rethink reversal reconsideration flip-flop.

Also, What does hazily mean? /ˈheɪ.zəl.i/ in a way that is not clearly remembered or noticed: She only hazily remembered her previous visit. He was hazily aware of a dull ache in the small of his back.

Is a sought after?

Something that is sought-after is in great demand, usually because it is rare or of very good quality. A gold medal is the most sought-after prize in world sport.

What is the opposite of a priority?

Antonyms: subsequence, subsequentness, posteriority. Synonyms: priority, antecedency, anteriority, precedence, precedency, antecedence, precession.

What does Omnicompetence mean?

: able to handle any situation especially : having the authority or legal capacity to act in all matters.

Is it sort out or sought out?

“Sort out” means to organise or tidy up things by grouping them into categories. The noun is ‘sort-out. ‘ For “sought out,” this is usually a past tense of the transitive phrasal verb seek out, meaning to search hard for something or someone specific — She sought out her friend from among the crowd.

Is it sought after or sort-after?

Anyway, the correct word choice is: 1. SOUGHT-after – not SORT-after – sought is the past tense of seek – So to be sought-after – is for people to SEEK you. OR: He sought help – he was looking for or seeking help.

Is it sought after or sought after?

« Sought-after » is idiomatic usage for something that is desired. Idioms 9. be sought after, to be desired or in demand: Graduates in the physical sciences are most sought after by employers these days.

What does first priority mean?

something that is very important and must be dealt with before other things: The management did not seem to consider office safety to be a priority. My first/top priority is to find somewhere to live.

What is another word for top priority?

synonyms for top-priority

  • compelling.
  • crucial.
  • immediate.
  • indispensable.
  • necessary.
  • persuasive.
  • pressing.
  • vital.

What is the meaning of non priority?

nonpriority (not comparable) Not priority. nonpriority mail.

What are the Omni words?

10 letter words containing omni

  • omnipotent.
  • omniscient.
  • omnivorous.
  • omniranges.
  • omnibusses.
  • omnificent.
  • insomniacs.
  • omnisexual.

How do you use omnibus in a sentence?

Omnibus in a Sentence

  1. In our neighborhood, most of the children ride an omnibus to school each day.
  2. The omnibus was able to easily transport our large tour group.
  3. When the omnibus broke down on the highway, the passengers spent nearly two hours waiting for another bus.

What do u mean by sought out?

: to search for and find (someone or something) His parents sought out the best doctors in the field.

Is sought for correct?

Sought is the past tense and past participle of seek.

What is the meaning of sought after multi percussionist?

sought-after. desired by all, in demand. 5. multi-percussionist. a person who can perform many percussion instruments.

Is highly sought after hyphenated?

The two words by themselves do not always require a hyphen. It is the use of the phrase « sought after » as an adjective qualifying a noun that calls for the hyphen. . In this case, no hyphen is called for. Here, the adjective « sought after » serves as a sentence complement.

What is your first priority in your life?

I now go to every family function, large or small, and enjoy being surrounded by the ones whom I love most in the world. My first priority in life is to raise my children to be kind. The most important gift you can give them is the ability to be mindful and have empathy for others.

What does priority mean in a relationship?

Putting your relationship as priority ONE means that you consider everything through the lens of the two of you as a couple and how your decisions and actions will impact your partner and your relationship going forward. This means putting the relationship first.

What are examples of priorities?

Examples of Priorities

  • Work.
  • Family.
  • Health.
  • Home.
  • Relationships.
  • Friendships.
  • Hobbies.
  • Recreation/Fun.

What is the highest priority?

n. 1. the process of sorting victims, as of a battle or disaster, to determine priority of medical treatment, with highest priority usu. given to those having the greatest likelihood of survival.

Is the utmost priority?

Whatever your priority is, that takes precedence over other things and therefore it is « the utmost ».

What are priority debts?

Priority debts are those that carry the most serious consequences if you don’t pay them. These don’t have to be the largest or debts with the most expensive interest rates, but if you don’t pay them it could lead to serious problems. Priority debts include: court fines.

What is non priority unsecured debt?

Examples of nonpriority, unsecured debts include credit card debt, medical debt, personal loans, student loans, utility service arrearages, judgments from lawsuits, and the like. Most of your nonpriority, unsecured debts you list on Schedule E/F will be discharged at the end of your bankruptcy.

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