10 signs your man is doing badly

10 signs your man is doing badly

The editorial staff marie france Thursday June 14, 2018 updated Thursday June 14, 2018

  • He no longer has a taste for life

    Normally, your spouse knows how to appreciate all the little pleasures in life. He is always ready for a trip with friends, a romantic romantic evening or a relaxing moment with the family. But in recent days, he seems disinterested in everything and is no longer really receptive to requests from his relatives. Beware, this lack of interest should alert you.

  • He is closed in on himself

    Until a while ago, when your Jules came home from work, he would rush home to meet you and have a good time with the family. Today, he pushes the door and goes to isolate himself in his room but no longer seems to want to leave. A sudden need for solitude is never a good sign, don’t let the situation escalate.

  • He doesn’t talk to you

    Evasive, he evades each of your questions or attempts at discussion. Yet, just yesterday, a simple « Hello« was enough for him to recount his day or indulge in deeper discussions. Conversation rejection is not deceiving, help him overcome this step.

  • He is irritable

    Even worse than the refusal of conversation, when you manage to break the ice, he points out and sends you over the roses. Crumpled and on edge, he climbs on his high horses at the slightest remark. Be careful, the problem may be bigger than it seems. Take it upon yourself and give him the attention and support he needs.

  • He rejects his entourage

    The last time your in-laws or friends heard from your spouse was ages ago. And everyone who tried to talk to him and figure out what was wrong, ran into a wall. Rejecting those around you generally hides a deeper discomfort.

  • He lets himself go

    When you got to know your partner, he took care of him and paid special attention to his aesthetics. It is, moreover, one of the things that appealed to you the most about him. But recently, he lets himself go, no longer eats, or badly, and no longer pays as much attention to his physical condition. Push him to take back the hair of the beast.

  • He loses confidence in himself

    If you feel that he is devaluing himself or that he is losing self-confidence, it may be a sign of real discomfort. In this case, try talking to him and offering to see a specialist to help him build his self-esteem.

  • He complains of always being tired

    Jules may sleep like a baby, but he complains of being constantly tired and lacking in energy. Intense fatigue, present even without making special efforts, is a sign that should alert.

  • He no longer has an appetite

    He who eats for two in normal times sulks his plate and has no appetite. If you see that this condition continues, it may be that he is not doing well but that he is not telling you about it.

  • He no longer shows signs of tenderness

    Usually, he’s the first to ask for hugs and hugs… but you suddenly find him distant. Be careful, don’t immediately think he’s distant because he’s cheating on you, he just might not be very well right now.

Has your man been distant lately? It does not appear on his plate? Be careful, this may be hiding a deeper discomfort. Here are 10 signs that should put you on the spot.

Marie France, women’s magazine

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