40 cute love messages: love text and quote

40 cute love messages: love text and quote

Here you will find texts to send the most touching cute love message to your boyfriend or your girlfriend. In addition we have listed the best love quotes from great poets and writer in the world like Plato, Aristotle, Benjamin Franklin … Are you in love and want to make a statement to your partner? Take inspiration from our text templates to write your own sincere and original love message that is a pleasure to read 🙂

If you’re a guy here love texts for your girlfriend.

If you are a girl here love texts for your boyfriend.

10 love messages for her

You want to write a cute and personal love message, here are 10 love text templates for your sweetheart:

Give a girl eleven real roses and one fake, and tell her she must love you until the last rose dies.

If you ask me how many times you’ve crossed my mind, I would say once. Because you came and you never left

A million words is not enough to describe you, but I only have three words for you: I love you.

I am not Victor Hugo to write you pretty sentences. I’m not Paul Verlaine to write you a beautiful poem. I’m just me and I just want to write you « I love you »

A little text to tell you that you are simply beautiful and fascinating! I love you.

A man can love a million girls, but a real man loves a girl in a thousand ways ….

Since the day I met you, I have never stopped loving you my heart.

I love you like never before. Baby, you took my life I can’t take any more of you!

Every day is a new day to love you and be loved by you.

I think of you for no particular reason I cannot explain what is happening to me but I would like to say I love you.

10 love quotes for her

Want to write to a girl or your darling girlfriend, here are 10 quotes and love text for her:

To love is not to look at each other, it is to look together in the same direction. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Inspired by love, everyone becomes a poet. Plato

It only takes a very small degree of hope to bring about the birth of love. Stendhal

There is only one remedy for love: to love more. Henry David Thoreau

Love is made up of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. Aristotle

If you want to be loved, love and be worthy of being loved. Benjamin franklin

If this love only exists in my dreams … don’t wake me up. Chris Brown

It is because the heart does not lie that it is easy to hurt it. Jen-s-pi

Love is not proven, it is experienced; he does not demonstrate himself, he shows himself. Antoine Claude Gabriel Jobert.

I don’t just like to be loved, I also like to be told that I am loved. George eliot

10 love messages for him

Want to write a personal love message, here are 10 love text templates to send to your darling boyfriend:

Your heart keeps me a prisoner but I don’t want to be delivered from it because knowing that you love me is worth more than anything to me.

Breaking up is like having the worst nightmare, after having had the best dream.

My Love, you and I know it, I’m sure of it, it’s for life! I love you !

Honey, your eyes on me have a power you can’t imagine, they soothe me, they make me strong, they make me beautiful.

You are my happiness, my sun, you light up my whole life, you make me better, you are benevolent, you are just amazing.

You are for me the most incredible man on earth, I love you to the stars!

Thank you my Love, thank you for making my life so beautiful. You are the only person who knows me so well, the only person I want to be with, who I am myself with.

Love is magic, especially with you! I could spend my whole days by your side and I would miss you anyway. I love you.

There is nothing more beautiful than a person who has been heartbroken but still believes in the beauty of love.

I want to whisper a few sweet words to you to remind you how much I love you my darling.

10 love quotes for him

To write a cute love quote for your boyfriend, here are 10 love quotes and text for him:

I only live since I love you. Julie de Lespinasse

I love you so dearly that you will never be able to forget me. Françoise de Graffigny

I love you, you love me, that’s what my heart wants; You love me, I love you, this is true happiness. Manon Roland

Pleasure sometimes slips into the place of happiness, but the place is too big for it. Diane de Beausacq

The happy couple who recognize each other in love defy the universe and time; it is sufficient, it realizes the absolute. Simone de Beauvoir

Every day I love you more, today more than yesterday and much less than tomorrow. Rosemonde Gerard

We don’t do big things, but only small things with immense love. Mother Teresa

The beauty of the soul and the goodness of the heart one day met and gave birth to love. Monique Moreau

I love you like crazy, and I’m here to hold you in my arms for as long as you want. Alice Parizeau

I love you I adore you ; I still love you. If a few qualities distinguish me from ordinary men; if I do not have the vices, too justly reproached to young people; if I have fled these vile amusements whose attraction is so powerful on her, I owe the exactitude of my morals to the ardor to please you, to the desire to deserve you, to the hope of obtaining you: yes , since I breathe, you are the woman chosen by my heart. Marie-Jeanne Riccoboni

For even more quotes you can go to the Parisian’s site which has a list of 800 quotes and love messages.

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