Dating : 25 Topics to Talk About in a Happy Relationship

h2>Dating : 25 Topics to Talk About in a Happy Relationship

Definition of communication is to share your thoughts and emotions. With the help of communication, you can make your relationship more trusting, close; you will be able to get to know each other better. After all, conversation and communication — is the key to a happy relationship. Experts believe that learning to talk to each other is as important as enjoyable sex.

To have a great talk with the one you love, you need, first of all, to learn to listen to your partner, not to interrupt and not to finish your partner’s phrases ( we know it looks cool in the move, but trust it is really annoying in the real life ). Moreover, you need to be able to ask questions and choose the right topics for conversation. Your communication is a process in which both are involved; do not turn it into a monologue.

So you are ready to talk and listen but you don’t know what things to talk about with your girlfriend? Today we will present to your attention 25 topics that should be present in the relationship of each pair.


One thing that values the most in person’s life is circle of friends and those who plays the main role in his/her life. So one of the best topics to talk about with your girlfriend is her friends. Be interested in her friends, social circle. Try to remember the names of her friends. After all, if you remember how Katie broke up with Michael, and Valletta bought a new blouse your woman will think that you are interested in her, and it will raise your status not only in her eyes, but also in the eyes of her friends. She will think that men do not want to listen, and you are not like all of them.In addition,tell her about your friends. Show photos; tell interesting moments that happened to you.If your woman knows you friend she will be less worried when you go out somewhere without her. It is a lot easier to go to a bar with Roman, she have heard so much about ,than with an unknown friend she has not even heard of. So talking about friends helps both of you.


Talk about her parents, family, and relatives. It will be nice to your partner and interesting for you. No wonder they say, look at the girl’s mother and understand how she will look in 20 years. Find out about her grandparents, if there are any traditions in her family. Do not forget to tell her about your family as well. She will be interested to know about your relatives, because women as we know like to dig into themselves and their roots, and of course in yours too. Scientists have proven that women in long happy marriage takes more than 65% of family traditions from her husband’s family, and by this creates a familiar environment for him. So do not hesitate and feel free to tell her about your family.


Ask what she is interested in, what she likes to do in her free time. Have a conversation with your girlfriend about your hobby, about what you are fond of. It is possible that you will choose something that you both like. Knowledge about the hobbies and interests of your beloved, will not only give you a daily topic of conversation, but will make future the challenge to find gifts for her much easier. In addition,your partner will note how you are attentive to her and will try to do the same.


Plans for future are one of the most important relationship topics. Many couples who do not discuss these things have a great chance to break up. For example, you dream to travel the world, to surf and see the distant Islands, and she wants to study art in Italy and have a quiet family. You will never know how similar your life goals are if you do not discuss them. However, if you find a person who has the same plans as you, you have a great chance to make them happened to work together, make both of you better people and overcome all difficulties together.


Discuss what is interested at, what books does she read? Which movies does she watch? There are many movies, TV books, which will serve as an excellent topic for a conversation with a girl. You can make a book club just for two of you and feel like you have a secret together. Watch best moves and then discuss them. By the way, many girls love cartoons, be sure to note it, say its fine, because she has not lost its “childishness”.


Do you know whether political views are; whether she is interested in politics at all or she has no idea about the world today? If your answer is no, then it is time to ask her. Such topics can always make you supporters or help to pass the evening with the political debate. The main thing is not to overdo it because you are lovers, not opponents.


Ask the girl who she admires and why, it will give you an idea of her values. You can find out who she wants to be like, whom she values most and for what. Do not forget to tell her about your role models, and maybe you will see, how she starts to admire the same person as you do, and it will make you two even more closer.


There is an opinion that only men are usually interested in cars, but in today’s world, more and more women are not only drivers, but also cars lovers. So you can always ask what brands does your girlfriend prefer and what kind of cars she cannot stand and why. This topic can be interesting for both of you, and even if your girlfriend doesn’t know much about cars you can show yourself as a real man and flash your knowledge and look like a smartest person in her eyes.


Does the girl play sports or watch it on TV? What kind of sports does she like? In appearance, the sport your woman is interested in you can learn a lot about her inner world. For example, girls who prefer yoga are more often calm and prefer to stay home, where women who prefer jump or aerobics often spend their free time outside the house.


Another thing you can talk about in the relationship is food. Find out the preferences of girls in food, her tastes. Talk about what both of you like and dislike and it will help to determine not only whether she has an allergy to citrus and whether she loves fish, but also whether your girlfriend is a good cook or not. In addition, by telling your girlfriend about your preferences, you will help her to surprise you. After all, there is nothing nicer than, a delicious dinner prepared by the woman you love. Especially if it is made of your favorite ingredients. However, even if your girlfriend does not know how to cook, it is not a problem. You can learn together.

11. WORK

We spend most of our time at work. And by taking an interest in her work and talking about it you will get to know each other as professionals. Moreover, of course it is always useful to hear the opinion from the outside. You never know what good advice you can get, talking about working moments in a different environment with a person you trust.


It is very important to be interested in the health of your woman and her loved ones. This will help her to feel your care and create an atmosphere of trust in your relationship.


Have you always dreamed of visiting China or Peru? Why don’t you talk about it? Start discussing culture, traditions, local heritage. On the other hand, try find out where would you girlfriend like to fly. Soon you will not even notice how you will stand in a travelling shop trying to find interesting facts about a country she loves, to surprise her, and she will start to organize theme parties to create an atmosphere of travel for you at least for the night. After all, such conversations can be a goal for both of you and the beginning of traveling.


Do you have a dream? Tell your partner about it even if it seems funny to you. Ask your girlfriend what she dreams about.


Love is the engine of progress. For the sake of your love you are ready to “move mountains”, to achieve more in work and study. Share your plans with your girlfriend. Get to know her plans to; it will be easier for you to go together to the common goal, to help each other in its realization. And it is common knowledge that nothing make two people close then the same goal.


Some women believe that men have their own responsibilities in the house and women theirs. Some thinks that everything should be divided equally. What type of women is youpartner? Does she think thatthe man is the main “breadwinner” in the family?Who should take the main part of responsibilities of thechildren? These issues need to be discussed, as they say, “on the shore.”


This question can help you build an even stronger bond. The answer to this question will reveal a lot about the person. This may even provide an opportunity to open up topics such as society, politics, religion, etc.

This will lead to a more complex conversation that embraces more negative thoughts and situations. However, deeper relationships are not basedjust on happy, light conversations. Sometimes you need to help someone say the worst thing that in his/her heat to help her to fell free and only the person to whom you fully trust is able to do it.


Do not forget to say compliments. Romantic topics should always be in your relationship even if you are together for 20 years. Thank your girlfriend for every little thing she has done for you. If you complement her, you will soon realize that she begins to complement you. This is call the love circle in Earth. Scientist believe that the more you give love the more love returns to you. So give as much as you can.


Although it is believed that love is love silence, not all agree with this saying. Many women have admitted that if they do not hear the Declaration of love from her husband or partner every day, they begin to be nervous and suspect them of infidelity. So men if you do not want quarrels at home say: “I love you” more often. Topics about love will defiantly make your relationship stronger.


Ask what pleased her today, how was the day, how did she sleep, what new have happened during the day? Kindly remind to wear a hat, gloves, if it is cold outside. Ask if she has had lunch. Taking care of each other is a sure way to show you care and an everyday topic for a conversation.


Talk about your sexual feelings, erogenous zones, fantasies, readiness for experiments. In that way you will never get bored with each other and will be able to understand each other’s bodies and feelings much deeper.


Everyone knows the truth that women love with ears, but few people realize that women love witty men. So, go ahead, tell jokes, funny stories, incidents. Amusement always brings you closer, and the ability to laugh at yourself is a key way to a happy relationship. In addition,it is always nice to have a couple of funny stories about your partner, which you can then tell children and grandchildren.


Show your loyalty to children. Ask if she wants to have children what the perfect way of raising them for her is. Tell her a story from your childhood or the childhood of your family. Ask to tell you about her childhood. These pleasant memories will bring you closer.


Does she likes animals; did she ever planned to get one? Whom she likes more cats or dogs, maybe fish or parrots. Talk about the fact that in the future you may have a pet together.

25. REST

Plan your vacation together, for both the next weekend and next year trip. The more time you have spent together, the more you have shared memories, new friends, and interesting stories, all this greatly brings lovers together.

The more you talk to each other, communicate, ask questions, the more attentively you listen to your partner, the easier it will be for you to find common topics for further conversations. Every day you will become closer to each other. However, if you still do not know where to start, just review our list and go forward to a long happy relationship.

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