Dating : 5 Reasons you keep repeating MISTAKES ; fault of brain or heart?

h2>Dating : 5 Reasons you keep repeating MISTAKES ; fault of brain or heart?

Isn’t it confusing, that at first we don’t want to make mistakes, but then we realise, mistakes are great teachers since they provide us lessons we wouldn’t think to learn on purpose. Well we are here to resolve that confusion.

You’re ought to read this if you find the questions below are relatable,

  1. Are you the most violent person in your family?
  2. Do you often use your anger for defence?
  3. If you don’t get stuffs your way, violence or self hurt is probably going to happen?

If you find it is true with your case, you have landed on the right place. These are the symptoms of Toddler brain. A brain that is vulnerable to commit mistakes and repeating them again and again.

Enlisting the reasons for these repetitive mistakes ,


The habit of a vulnerable mistaken brain includes impulsiveness, poor judgement, self-obsession and volatile feelings. It is because of a simple reason that our lives have grown dramatically in years, way more complex than our brains evolved to handle.

We are growing up in age but the brain is still that naive kid who is fearless while repeating mistakes.


We are incapable of seeing any perspective other than our own. We are just so self obsessed with our ideas and thoughts that we don’t even consider the views of the second person even if he is the President of the America.

While following ‘MY LIFE, MY RULE’ policy we tend to ignore experiences, sufferings and advices of the most recognised people. We hate to change. Hence, no surprise we end up entering cycles of mistakes.


While you are insecure about yourself or feeling lonely, you fill the huge gaps in your life with thoughts and perceptions of some other people. Your emotions are so unstable that you start taking decisions entirely on the basis of how you feel at that moment, instead of giving a wise thought about it.

You know well you are committing the same mistake that had left you broken and helpless in past but still for the present joy you give it a try. Yeah right, brain learns from mistakes, it learns how to make them.


Habits rule under the stressful conditions. When the regulatory processes of Adult Brain are overtaxed from physical and mental exhaustion, it is most prone to commit the past mistakes out of the habit.

Habits are inevitable. When mistakes become your habit, you just can’t let them go in tough conditions.


We turn short term setbacks into long term losses and teporary pain into long term suffering. We block ourselves to a boundary of regret of a mistake committed in past, which itself is a trap of future mistakes.

We are held back not by the mistakes we make, but by our lack of willingness to let them go.


Best and most relatable right?

When you are in so called love, your attributions about that person tend to oscillate between very positive and very negative.

You are either all good or all bad; you think either they love you or hate you; you presume they feel best about you or the worst. You become needy or aloof. You cling or pout. If your feelings are hostile, you are prone to passive aggression and even violence.

This is followed by episodes of mistakes.

Literally how stupid were you to go for a solution to the person who was the actual problem?

Seriously dude?

Stop making relationship mistakes deliberately every time, start loving yourself and heal in solace, because ‘You will repeat what you don’t repair’.

Ending up,

A breath taken isn’t referred as being repeated

An achievement achieved isn’t referred as being repeated

Love imparted everyday isn’t referred as being repeated.

Why are then the mistakes referred to be so?


The breath after ignoring each betrayal is repeated

An achievement of the single title but by different person is repeated

Love imparted everyday to the wrong person is repeated

Hence, mistakes are repeated.

You might say, mistake repeats when we have not learnt good enough from the first one, then tell me, inspite of learning a good lesson from them, why do you always end up taking a chance again ?

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