Dating : Should I date someone I see every day?

Dating : Should I date someone I see every day?

There’s this girl at work that is my type down to a tee, I really quite like her. A few subtle things have happened recently that make me think there might be something between us but we really don’t talk much.

We work in completely different departments but on the same floor so I see her most days and I’m wondering if its really worth doing anything given the inevitable awkwardness?

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  1. Could be risky since you work together, I guess it’s better that you’re in different departments though. Maybe you can just strike up some casual conversation first before asking her out and kinda see how she feels talking to you.

  2. I broke up with my boyfriend who is a coworker 2 weeks ago (together 8 months). Different departments but same floor and it’s an open floor plan so I see him (and hear him) from where I sit. Every. Single. Day.

    From my (extremely recent) personal experience, I strongly advise against it. Up until I dated this guy, I was VERY against coworker relationships. I couldn’t resist this one for a number of reasons and it bit me in the ass. I basically dug my own grave.

    If it’s a bitter break up, you know it’ll be bad. If it’s an amicable break up, it’s still painful and awkward to have to walk past someone you shared everything with with just an awkward smile, like you don’t even know each other.

    Think about the worst case scenario, aka break up, and act accordingly. Your experience might be entirely different, of course, but I wanted to comment because I’m literally picking up the pieces at the moment. DM me if you have questions.

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