Dating : A Chaotic World Order 5386

h2>Dating : A Chaotic World Order 5386

Out of the chaos of nature
A divine beauty is born and regenerated
From its movement
Rainbow colors of harmony
Are merging into pure enlightened love

The flow of the spirit is piercing canyons of hope from the scratches of the past
Immortal thoughts of endless depth
Human nature is shadowing beneath the black side of the soul

Asynchronous and cyclical ancient cosmos
Trailing from a timeworn past
Proposing the controversial Lapidem to a longing fool
Which a wise magus wouldn’t dare to use
A trickle of a noisy mind
Crumbling soil conceals a clues of forgotten wars
Compassion grows from disappointments
Drifting by streams of flowing moments

Mirroring skies are turning upside down
Buds of sudden beginnings
Hiding a lost ritual of incarnation
A calming light is torn out of the lonely darkness
As above so below
As within so without


What is lost with pain is meant to be found in love

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