Dating : A Father’s Love….

h2>Dating : A Father’s Love….

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Daddy!! Daddy!! A child calling out in enthusiasm at a being with much euphoria and happiness knowing that he has arrived or he will come for me when needed and guess what? Daddy does come out, catches just before a fall, or embraces his on-rushing kid after a long day.

Daddy?? Daddy?? A child asking a question, seeking guidance and understanding or clarity on issues that we adults are a mere use of our intuition but to kids, they form the foundation of their reasoning and follow up actions growing up. It’s all starts with the little things. Most times we (adults) never understand this impact. Daddy giving out wisdom as barely minimum as 1+1, telling tales or scenarios to answer a child’s “hard question” with definitely a straight serious face means the entire universe to the child which therefore becomes law in their sight and starting sentences with “My Daddy said …” which any Father will be so proud to hear, I know I would.

Photo by Limor Zellermayer on Unsplash

Daddy?%*!!!? A child in fear after having a bad dream or having done wrong knowingly or unknowingly either scared of the repercussions from the acts done like pulling the Tv plug or mistakenly breaking a mug or seeking the protection of Daddy to defend against the bad dream which is sort of the literally act as a former child myself.

These moments mean everything to children and the confidence of having a present Father cannot be overemphasized. It’s all it needs to be about, having a Father’s Love.

Happy Father’s Day.

Just trying to make sense of it all.


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