Dating : A Great Line Up From Some of the Best Publishous Writers

h2>Dating : A Great Line Up From Some of the Best Publishous Writers

Nicole Akers
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Hi, I am Sarah. I love reading, writing, fashion, music, travel, coffee and a blank screen (page). I started nderisarah in to share my musings, faith and my journey through university. Let’s explore Life After University.

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Anxiety, Depression, Healing and God by Bebe Nicholson

The children are small, your husband is out of town a lot, and the old feelings of panic start to resurface. Where did they come from, these fears that erupt when you’re driving, sitting in a movie theatre or entering a restaurant;feelings that cause your heart to race and your head to spin? → READ MORE.

Weighing the Odds by Susan Grant

“If you set out in a spaceship to find the one planet in the galaxy that has life, the odds against your finding it would be so great that the task would be indistinguishable, in practice, from impossible.” Richard Dawkins

There are many days in our lives that are routine; everything happens the way it always does. There is security in this; it’s predictable. → READ MORE.

Read This If You Feel Stuck and Want to Start All Over by Ayodeji Awosika Curated

Starting over is all the rage in 2019.

We’re always chasing the new, the novel, the fun. We live in an abundant society, but we’re sick of the mundane. Instead of being grateful for what we have, we always want more, more, and even more. Nothing’s ever enough. →


How to Get People to (Actually) Read Your Story. by Ravi Shankar Rajan

You’ve spent sleepless nights, carefully crafting each word. You finally hit “publish,” and what happens?

Nobody reads them. No comments, no tweets, no sharing on any media.

Get Instant Clarity Right Now With This Simple Approach. by Jim Woods

You’re a bit overwhelmed, right? I know the feeling. But here’s the good news. Relief is SUPER CLOSE.

Your to-do list just keeps growing.

And you’re making so many decisions all day long that you’re just drained at the end of the day. → READ MORE.

The Four Rs You Should Know to Have Better Relationships Today by Tara Blair Ball Curated

One of my goals for 2019 is to do better in my relationships. As I’ve written about before here, my time is exceptionally precious, and I am greedy with it. When I have even a spare moment, I don’t want to talk to you or my fiancé or my children; I want to write or read a book or nap. I want to soak up all of my extra time like a Bounty paper towel in those commercials and use it for meeee. → READ MORE.

Sowing the Seeds of Trust by Christina Hausauer Curated

Trusting people can be a daunting matter. Learning about another human being enough to put credence in what they do or say is one of those skills that is learned, or unlearned, over the course of a lifetime. → READ MORE.

A Teacher Punched, and Other Consequences of Poverty — Part 3 by Ruth Stewart

Robert froze.

In the back of his mind he could hear Dick yell:


Robert couldn’t even move. His eyes were wide with fear, his heart pumping nineteen to the dozen. → READ MORE.

My Life As A Bipolar Introverted Empath by Glenna Gill Curated

It’s not as fun as it sounds.

My husband and I share an office at home. He does IT work while I write, and the arrangement works out well. We sit back to back in our office chairs and hunker down except for the occasional joke or comment that passes between us. We enjoy each other’s company even when we’re not talking. → READ MORE.

High intensity interval training or HIIT, as it is commonly known, is a great all-round workout for those who do not care for long exercise sessions. We have always been told that no amount of exercise, whether anaerobic or aerobic, can spot reduce any area on the body, but current research into HIIT shows promising results. → READ MORE.

How To Avoid Staring At A Blank Page by Tara Fitness ⭐️ Curated

This morning I discovered a significant problem…

I encountered a blank page in my ideas journal.

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