Dating : “Ain’t Nobody Perfect”

h2>Dating : “Ain’t Nobody Perfect”

Ain’t nobody perfect
Under the surface
Scars litter my body
They tell a story
The story of me
I hope you still think I’m worth it
After you find out about the dark corners of my mind
My old demons still haunt me
But I swear I’m trying
I swear I’m fighting
Not to die young

Ain’t nobody perfect
But my heart’s on my sleeve
Had to let it breathe
Then it saw you
And hopped off me
Chased you down
And I couldn’t do anything
But smile

’Cause it’s like the sun’s rays 
Were made
Just to make you glow
One look at you
And I don’t even know
My name, where I came from, or where I’m going

I ain’t perfect
I’m the exact opposite
But I love hard
Then I love even harder
I just hope my past struggles
Don’t push you even farther
I just hope my current demons
Don’t scare you away
’Cause there here to stay
But I never stopped fighting
If you don’t remember anything else,
I never stopped trying

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