Dating : Even a blind squirrel…

Dating : Even a blind squirrel…

To all the guys out there going through a dry spell, or just haven’t found success yet, I got a story for ya.

I’ve hooked up with some very attractive women, in my opinion, about 4 of them. Not a big number, about 1 a year since I’ve only been really dating for 5 years. I’m not specifically looking to hook up, but I’m a very sensual guy and considering I had 0 physical experience until I was 30, now 33, I’m trying to make up for my teens / 20’s in my 30’s which has proven tough.

However, each time it happened… It was effortless:

First time:

Matched with a latina on tinder, asked her out for a drink that night, conversation was awkward but she was giving me those googly eyes and leaning in to me talking and rubbing my leg etc.

I took her to get something to eat, we talked some more, then we went back to my place. I never heard from her again.

Second time:

Matched with a brazilian girl who didn’t even speak english, had to use what’sapp to communicate.

Agree to get a drink. Take her out, it was beyond awkward, decide to go to a club, she’s feeling me up in the car…

We get to the club, she’s all over me…

After the club, we hit up a hotel, then I never heard from her again.

Third Time:

Matched with a white girl off hinge. She was having a rough day, wanted to get a drink.

She shows up proceeds to be on her phone and just chugging margaritas, conversation was painful…

She starts looking pretty buzzed, so I offer to play some pool with her, we play a few rounds, she starts hugging up on me…

I offer her to come smoke with me at my place, next thing I know we’re getting it on.

This girl stuck around for a month, then decided we needed to see other people.

Fourth Time:

Went to a club this weekend, walked in, walked onto the dance floor, started trying to dance with this hot asian girl.
She takes to it nicely, so I start introducing myself to her friends playing the social aspects.
Long story short, I convinced the asian to come back to my place and smoke, and even got her girl friends permission by showing them my adopted cat photos and talking about my family…
We went back to my place and had a marathon, we didn’t sleep at all.

We’re still somewhat in contact, but I’m 99% sure I’ll never see her again.

As you can see, I used no real game, I’m no pimp, I am very average looking in the face, while tall and jacked it doesn’t help 90% of the time I go out. Just somewhere somehow, I bump into girls that just want a one and done maybe twice a year.

So, I can definitely tell you, online is good, offline is good, it’s just a MASSSSSSSSSIVE numbers game that takes for fucking ever. But, if you’re out every weekend taking your shots, and you’re swiping doing the same, you’re going to eventually have some success, just make sure you have healthy expectations. You’re going to go home to your hand about 350 times a year.

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  1. 1 date per year in 5 years LMAO. I’d love to just get ONE god damn fucking date out of online dating. It’s not that I don’t match with anyone either, it’s just that 80% of them aren’t attractive (All I want is a 7, hell average looking is fine) and the rest won’t even give me the time of day (matched but no Bumble messages, ignored messages on other sites)

    I’m 24. I’ve got time on my side and yet, it’s already looking like OLD is not ever gonna work for me.

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