Dating : Apple Pie

h2>Dating : Apple Pie

Back then in the pub Monica’s world got suspended for a second. The loud music muted, all the movement stopped and the cigarette smoke covered all except Chris and his friend. Monica could see nothing but them. Lorna talked some nonsense, but Chris didn’t hear it, so grabbing her by the waist he pulled her slowly towards himself. She repeated the revelation sensually into his ear and they both burst out laughing leaning backwards a bit just to come back impatiently to each other gluing heads for a moment. Embracing each other and laughing.

The indiscreet observer started shrinking inside. A wave of heat struck her taking her breath away. Suddenly Monica saw Chris from ages ago, the kind of Christ she’d been fighting for in the last few years. She would complain he no longer snuggled her, kissed her spontaneously, nor showed her any tenderness at all. Monica kept on and on grumbling, begging, shouting, blackmailing him. All the tricks and catches had already been deployed in search of which Monica’d traversed both heaven and hell. All in vain. Chris argued that was the way he was, that, generally, men couldn’t show their feelings well and he was no different.

But Monica remembered him different from the start of their relationship and that kind of Chris she saw with Lorna back then in the pub.


She was sitting shamelessly in an armchair, opposite them. Milky complexion, blond wavy hair, long thick eyelashes, enormous full mouth of red — wide open of course. The same type of holes also present down there between legs, one in front and the other at the back. Gigantic firm-skinned tits with nipples pointing upwards.

“You’re completely crazy! And the thing you propose simply sick! Darling, let’s look for some other ways. There are plenty of other toys, gadgets, positions which could refresh our bedroom without any disturbance of this exceptional emotional bond between us. True, Marilyn is not a human being, but the fact is we’ll create a triangle, we’ll let a stranger in…So, first of all, we must find some more time for each other…Definitely! Next…”

“Blah, blah, blah…Let’s hold hands and look deep into each other’s eyes. Let’s discuss the matter by romantic candlelight. Chris! This idea is just brilliant! Thanks to this delicious Marilyn, we’ve obtained an apple pie! Phew! If we get bored, we can change her for a poppy seed cake! You get it? We can have an exciting love triangle and no betrayal as it’s only a doll!”


Monica giggled quietly like a spoilt little girl, a very, very naughty girl. She left her office an hour earlier. Chris had a day off, their small son was still at a kindergarten. Marilyn lied buried in the wardrobe under a sleeping bag. The stunning Marilyn, the revelation of life wisdom, the gate to sexual paradise, the reliable cure for all marital boredom and routine.

The spouses had been sleeping with her for three months, a few times a week and their desire still seemed insatiable. A shiver ran down Monica’s spine at the thought of this unearthly pleasure she was just about to relish in a moment, so very hurrah soon! All smiles, she turned the key and entered the flat. The light in the bathroom was on. From there Monica could hear rhythmic beats of shower water, but, apart from that, all too familiar bangs, mutterings and moans. The closer to the bathroom, the clearer the words that could additionally be heard,

“Marilyn, oh my sweet Marilyn! Faster, faster, in a sec the grannie’ll come back…cheese cake…right…rather stinky blue cheese!”

Monica opened the door. The Marilyn’s face glued to the glass shower wall. Chris’s silhouette hardly visible at the back. The blond goddess’s eyes half-closed in blissful pleasure and her mouth triumphantly open in the shape of huge Oh.

“Oh, oh, oh, who’s the dummy now, oh, oh?”

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