Dating : Baby don’t hurt me

h2>Dating : Baby don’t hurt me

Jana Lakshman

This is the prequel to my article, Baby can’t hurt me.

Karthik is running around his hostel dorm trying to get scissors, some A4 sheets and a piece of red ribbon. Karthik is in his 12th grade, preparing to crack IIT JEE, one of the most competitive exam in the world. This is his 5th year of preparation and he’s extremely confident of clearing them.

He borrows all three from his friends and goes to the study room. He finds his friends sitting in a corner excitedly working on their definite integration homework. He sits besides his friends and smiles excitedly.

‘What’s up da Karthik? Did Mithra find out you exist?’ jokes Roshan. “Better news than that!” exclaims Karthik. “She’s gonna call me tomorrow!”

“Whaaat!!?”, a collective gasp from all his friends. Mithra is the cutest girl in the school and EVERYBODY knows her. “How? When? Did you get her number?”

“I don’t have her number but I am giving her mine.” said Karthik, excitedly taking the A4 sheet.

He closed his fist with his thumb up and placed it on the paper. He took a quick trace of it. Inside, he wrote

“Hey Mithra!

It’s 11.12.13!!

Give us another reason to remember this day 😛


Karthik “

He flipped the sheet, traced his hands on the sheet again and wrote

“All the best for your math exam yo!

May Euclid be with you :D”

He looks around his friends with a mischievous smile. They looked at it and started laughing.

“I like the thumbs up.”

“Not bad!”

“You think she’ll call you?”

“She will”, Karthik smiled confidently. He has never spoken to her, but he could not imagine her not calling. After all, he had sneaked in a phone into his dorm, just for this.

He neatly rolled the sheet, tied the red ribbon carefully around it. The message has been inked. It now has to be posted.

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