Dating : Branches

h2>Dating : Branches

Robert Fried


Through the nervous system madness builds

A forest that welcomes souls

And a hero hurt stares out in angry beauty

How does life thus with such cruelty inward turn?

Why must the loving beautiful. be the ones who are hurt?

There is yet music in this place

Some branches will to bows of tuneful joy grow

And bravery against all odds

The owls will the chorus sing

One day without preface a darker love looked into my eyes

And of a moment I understood the language of the owl

“I will not choose to complete what was started”

“Not while I am with you”

“Not now”

“Not ever”

On this pledge made your soul did marry mine

I will accept this bargain struck

Some ceremonies are sealed with a kiss

This needed but my love’s bravest words

I will be with her for all my time

Whatever distance she deems right

If this Ophelia chooses life

I on this pledge chose her

Every branch shall be the staff in which I gather my own strength

And I will always in this dark for the owl be listening

And Death be fucked

We will not in this forest parted be

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