Dating : A girl who rejected me texted me out of the blue. Should I ask her out again?

Dating : A girl who rejected me texted me out of the blue. Should I ask her out again?

So I asked this girl out a year ago (she was my classmate), and she rejected me because she said she’s not « looking for a relationship »

She was really cool about it, but we both kind of distanced ourselves from each other. We didn’t really talk for 6 months until in January, she texts me out of the blue.

We quickly catch up over lunch, and we agreed to be less distant from each other.

Unfortunately, afterwards, she didn’t really engage with me when I texted her (left me on read twice) but she was also busy with school.

We were still cordial when we saw each other in person.

However, she randomly texted me out of the blue last week, and we’ve been making small talk since then.

To be honest, I kind of want to just ask her out again – has anyone been in a similar position before?

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  1. She’s just looking for some attention and knows you’ll give it to her.

    Ignore her and see what happens. If she’s interested, the out of the blue will keep reoccurring. If she’s not, the texting will stop.

    Just don’t be too available.

  2. Voice your concern with her (that you haven’t clearly articulated yet) and ask her out. You did say you want to, so do it, but make sure you are open and honest.

  3. so she didn’t actually do what she was going to say. sometimes even « friends » just meet once and say how cool and fun things were and they should get together more often, bu then then it’s years again before they get together again.

    just know what some friends/people are like this and don’t put too much belief into what they say.

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