Dating : Breathless

h2>Dating : Breathless



I saw your photogenic image that captivated me that rendered me breathless
I glimpsed a immaculate vision of a man
With green emerald eyes of iridescent beauty that pierce into the caverns of my soul
I stared at your face i scrutinised the contours of your chiselled face
I was seduced by your tinder photographs i am transfixed by your beauty

You exist right now as a fantasy a dream of love
These idyllic visions of passionate sex float in my beguiled consciousness
I dream of outvoting first date of you actually finding me attractive and interesting
I dream of our adult bodies laying next to each other in heavenly states of physical intimacy

I swiped right i just hope and pray you reciprocate my liking my singular photo i have on tinder
I obsessively meditate on the collage of images of your heavenly body on tinder
Theres no flaws no cracks a perfect ivory smiled devoid of anxiety or ego
Theres no machismo selfies where you are flaunting you’re naked torso just demure images of your shaven face

You exist as a dream a vision of the impossibility of happiness
I want i need to overcome my crippling social anxiety and instigate a flirtatious conversation
I want to connect with stranger on tinder
I want this depression this adult alienation the emptiness to cease as a consequence of falling for you

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