Dating : The frustrations of dating as a [37F]

Dating : The frustrations of dating as a [37F]

It seems like no matter how much dating I do both online and in real life, it’s always the same story: The guys I am attracted to are not attracted to me back, and the guys that are attracted to me are guys I am not attracted to.

I do get lots of messages online – the quantity of messages is not the problem. The problem is the quality. The other day I got a really well thought out message from a guy on OKCupid, that was tailored to my profile description. I was ecstatic. But then I looked at his profile pic and saw it was an Indian guy. When this happened I just broke down and started crying, because the fact that he made the effort to write such a well thought out message means he thought he had a chance with me, and this made me feel like I am ugly.

I don’t know what to do anymore. I tried losing weight but no matter how much I diet I just stay fat. I really want to get married and have kids, but that’s not happening because I am just an ugly, fat, and now old woman.

What do you think?

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  1. You’re just going to have to lower your standards, sweaty. You can’t really say dating is frustrating if it’s self-inflicted.

    Also you’re not entitled to a relationship

  2. As an indian looking hispanic guy that has spent countless hours improving myself and presenting the best version of myself on four different dating sites with absolutely no success (talking about 0 likes), thanks for making me feel like shit.

  3. Yeah, I’m sorry. Are you expecting sympathy after that kind of a reaction?

    Like, you make it sound like that poor Indian dude who messaged you is an animal. He took the time to craft a nice message for you, tailored to your profile, and you regard him with such contempt? And what? You want us to feel sorry for you?

    My god. The pure entitlement. You’re not entitled to a relationship. You’re not entitled to a good looking guy. Get over it.

    It’s fine if you’re not attracted to indian guys, but it’s clear you have a HORRIBLE, entitled personality with how you’re referring to him. Not an “ugly guy”. Not an guy “that’s not my type”. Just pure “Indian guy”. Jesus.

    Improve yourself, humble yourself, and put yourself and you’ll find success. Or, you know, continue as you are and treat people like animals, and you’ll see the results yourself.

  4. Yeah. You’re an ugly, fat and old woman who cares more about a person’s race than what he writes. And the fuck you mean that you felt ugly because an Indian guy messaged you? What are you trying to imply here? That Indians are ugly and therefore only message ugly girls? No wonder you’re 37 and single.

  5. You’re fat and most likely ugly as fuck if you’re still single at 37. You should be flattered you got any interest from anyone. Beggars aren’t supposed to be choosers.

    Despite what your magazines say, post-wall landwhales like you aren’t entitled to shit. If men didn’t have such high sex drives we would also cry when amorphous blobs like you showed interest in us.

  6. I hope you like cats, they will be your only companions in life.

    You are fat and ugly on the outside and disgustingly ugly on the inside. Lost case I hope you stay alone forever.

  7.  » and this made me feel like I am ugly.  »

    Poor indian dude, somehow mustered the courage and swallowed his pride to message you (an old cow) and now he gets this. JFL.

  8. Maybe you should lower your standards and stop eating so much? Even if you do lose weight though, you’re old, so don’t aim too high.

  9. Jesus fucking Christ you are probably an ugly person inside and out and deserve to feel like shit.

    > I tried losing weight but no matter how much I diet I just stay fat. That’s not happening because I am just an ugly, fat, and now old woman.

    Normally I feel sympathetic for people with body image issues, but nah I don’t feel an ounce of pity for you. You want people to feel sorry for your own insecurities, but place an entire race of men below you. The very thought of them begin attracted to you is repulsive? You’re not entitled to love.

  10. > I really want to get married and have kids, but that’s not happening because I am just an ugly, fat, and now old woman.

    Correct. You are garbage and it’s better for the sake of our species that you do not reproduce. Don’t feel too bad; you’re actually contributing to the betterment of society in a small way by ending your genetic line. Praise the fat, ugly, old whale. You can still buy a bunch of cats to keep you company, so rejoice.

  11. Wish dating and finding that one was easy so we wouldn’t have to go through it. Keep at it. If you are basing appearance as being the only thing that makes you attracted to someone, that isn’t good.

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