Dating : Certain men give women the creeps

h2>Dating : Certain men give women the creeps

Are you one of them?

Diane Burroughs

Certain men give women the creeps. Are you one of them? Women, have a code. And when they are out at a party, or if they are going to a new workplace, they will report to each other what other women can expect from the Creepy Guy. And those women share it with other women, and those women share it with other women and on and on.

This is how women try to protect each other from the constant sexual harassment they routinely face. Sometimes the sexual harassment is physical in nature but oftentimes, it’s just a feeling.

What is it that men do, exactly, that creeps us out?

Often, there’s a leering quality, a creepy look in the eyes.

This is also accompanied by a scan that is palpable. He starts at our head and scans down our bodies, as if sizing up if we are “worthy.”

There’s a touch on the back and then his hand slides down to our buttocks.

Sometimes there’s a squeeze. Or there’s the tight quarters of the coffee room, where the man enters just as we stand at the coffee pot so he can sidle up behind us and see how we react to the unwanted feeling that he is subtly pressing his privates against us.

There’s the man at a club who is probably drunk who decides to lift us up and throw us over his shoulder and carry us off! This also happens at concerts and parties. It is very scary to us.

Then there is the first date who, when we get in his car, decides he’s driving us somewhere other than the place we decided on. Like his house. Or a party where we don’t know anyone. Or a secluded beach.

These could all be innocent ideas and the men may mean no harm, but these things can cause a panic. Because we have put up with the rubs, and the pats and the leers thousands of days of our lives. It is just our natural, gut reaction.

Men, can you for a second imagine every day of your lives having to worry about walking alone?

Keeping your car keys in your hand to use as a weapon or just to be ready for a quick getaway?

Checking the back seat of your car to make sure no one is hiding there?

This intimidation also takes place on our roads and highways. Every female driver has a story of an encounter with a man who cut them off repeatedly, or a man who appeared to be following them in his car. Daily, this is the myriad of threats we often face.

These are just a small list of the things that give women the creeps. I hope this helps. We do not hate men. In fact, it is just the opposite.

If you are a good man, then you have nothing to worry about! Rule of thumb, you ask? If you wouldn’t do it to your mother, don’t do it to the gal in the office, or the bar, or at the party, or on the subway, or in the elevator at the mall. You know what’s not creepy? Treating women as you would any male co-worker or friend.

A date is an experience. There needn’t be an agenda or an expected outcome. See where things go. How you feel and if it appears to be mutual. Woman want to have a great date as much as you do. Chill out.

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