Dating : Tinder stinks

Dating : Tinder stinks

When you first download tinder you get a bunch of likes from decently attractive girls, but then for me at least your visibility just plummets. And I just plain don’t get many likes at all.

I feel like the matchmaking system should be better because I might not get swiped right from the instagram models but the average girl has but I feel like at this point theyre not seeing me.

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  1. Tinder only shows any girls your pics if you’re in the top 10-20% of men, since that’s all women on there want to see. That’s how they keep women happy. That’s also how they get you to pay for Boosts.

  2. Tinder is for shallow men selecting only beautiful women, so I go on there just to scam dudes out of money.

    I use OKC for better dating, but still has it’s shallow moments

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