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h2>Dating : Couple Relationships Advice

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Family relations are not only harmony, love and comfort! It is also work on yourself, constant work together so your family could achieve the goal to be called “happy family”. Every family, even the strongest, periodically needs bursts of emotions in order to dilute the routine into which relationships turn over the years!

Strong family relationships need to be created from the first day of life together and then constantly maintain them, to warm up love, passion and interest in each other! If there are any failures, and believe us every one has them eventually, don’t be afraid. The only thing you must know, as a wise and knowledgeable person, in order for problems to pass faster is one golden rule. To solve the relationship problems you need to work together! This is important to understand; otherwise, the work of one will be meaningless, if one of the partner doesn’t seek to keep the warmth in the relationship.

In this article we will give you the best tips on how to maintain family relationships, how to make them even stronger and more interesting! In order for “your loved one” not to lose interest in you or on the other hand your love for the “second half” has not passed, you must adhere to some rules and regulations. These tips can affect the quality of the relationship, even for those couples, who are married for many years.

We present to your attention several sections, in each of them we describe the essence of the problem and how to get out of it, the best tips that you can apply in practice. What you need to do to save your family life:

  • What does romance in a relationship means?
  • Spend more time together, and what to do in your free time together.
  • Life together, and how to distribute responsibilities.
  • Personal space and how to maintain trust in each other.
  • Sexual relations and how to diversify them.

First — a little introduction. What is the most important thing for you in family life? It is the understanding of the importance of family relationships, only if you know it you can build the strong family. Today, many people has forgotten that strong family is built on patience and respect for the second half. Take care of each other. Build trust and understanding between each other and don’t take your partner for granted. Where should we start?

First of all, start with yourself! Thus, it will be easier to keep the family for many years. Start by working on yourself. If you start by trying to change your partner, you will defiantly fail. It will only cause additional negative feelings and emotions that can set your partner against you. Take the first step, show an example of how to build harmony in a relationship. In addition, you will see that your partner will not stay indifferent to this and will begin to make reciprocal efforts. Of course, it only works if it is in the best interest of the two of you. However, don’t forget, if you decided to change don’t blame the partner saying that you are good and do everything to maintain the relationship, and he is bad! Criticisms also will not lead to a good result.

Learn to engage in dialogue! An important point in the relationship is an open communication with the partner. It doesn’t mean, that you should shout out all you thoughts as soon as they appear. You should always try to communicate respectfully and with goodwill. If someone spoiled the mood, you should not throw out irritation on your partner. Better, talk to him later, when you calm down. Just walk for 10–15 minutes and fresh air will do the job, you will calm down, come home and be able to talk calmly and constructively! Also, learn to listen carefully to the thoughts of your partner. If anything is unclear or offensive to you, ask for clarification. This is the key to a good relationship! Also, make sure that you say loving words to each other as often as possible! Our words have incredible power. Moreover, the way that the couple speaks each other, how they communicate with each other day after day effects on their happiness directly. Try to use only gentle and kind words. In addition, no matter how old your family is from a year to 100, it is important to have a good attitude to your soul mate!

Now let us move on to the sections!

In the first blog, we decided to mention the main ways of how to keep romance in a relationship! Romance, is what should present not only at the beginning of the relationship, but also your whole life together! Even, if you are absolutely not a romantic nature, and don’t like all these “sugary” actions, you still have to work hard, because romantic actions allow you to show your feelings and please your partner! In addition, if it will have a strong positive effect on your family mood!

After some years people believe, that love leave the relationship, but it is not true. Most often, couples forget about the romance. Why is this happening? Let us take a closer look.

Well the fact is that romance is alive and doesn’t require constant work, while couple is on the first stages of the relations, where the couple has time and steps to get to know each other better, to move forward. After the creation of a family and the appearance of children, this goal is already beginning to be considered as achieved in their subconscious, and the internal vector changes its direction from building relationships to other goals: career, parenting, increasing material goods, household chores and so on. Interest in each other gradually fades, and only sometimes, some pleasant moments can reheat it, but only for a while. However, it is your power not to lose romance, which you had at the beginning of the relationship! How to do it? It is very simple, you need to avoid the “Groundhog day”, make everyday life diverse, try to surprise each other and give as much positive emotions to your partner as you can. Your soul mate is worth being pleased. So please! Do what she likes. It should be gifts for not only New Year, birthday or Women’s Day. The present could be given just for no reason. In addition, it is not necessary to give your wife 101 roses once a week or a set of new rods for the husband. It is not the gift that important, but the attention.

Everything is much simpler and more prosaic. Start with breakfast! Get up fifteen minutes early and make breakfast in bed. Alternatively, just set the table for dinner not the usual way for you; spread your favorite tablecloth, which you usually get on special occasion, get your favorite plates and so on. You can make everyday a special occasion and just like that, out of love to yourself and to your partner! Don’t forget to light candles, even if it is morning! Candles create a special romantic mood! Cook your husband’s favorite coffee or bake pancakes, arrange them nicely in a plate of berries. Wake him up with nice words and kisses! Say nice words to each other more often, make compliments for no reason! Unusual surprises, as well of a sexual nature.

Type a full bath with foam, pour essential oils, light candles and invite your partner to spend time together in the bathroom. Or give your partner a break after a hard day in the bathroom alone! This will update him and give strength and good mood!

Bring something tasty in the evening and tell your partner, that it is bought especially for him. Make a nice little gift, just for no reason. Wildflowers in summer or a fruit basket in winter! Your imagination is boundless, remember that you are not just a husband and wife; you are also lovers, friends and just a loving couple!

Also you can just play together, fool around like children, without thinking about anything. This will relax you and bring you closer together even more. In winter, go for an evening walk and play snowballs. In summer, go to the beach and fool around in the water, as if you are 18 years old.

Flirt with your partner. It might seem unnatural after long time being together, but you will gradually get into the taste and he will certainly appreciate it. Let the man feel like a hunter. Flirting in a relationship always brings together and makes your life easier and more romantic!

Be direct and surprise each other. For example, leave a note with a confession of feelings or a romantic invitation among his business papers and documents. Or the inscription about your feelings on the chalkboard at home, cute message in the middle of the working day. It will always help your partner to understand, that he is loved and waited for at home!

It is very important to be sincere and do try your best to show, that you care about your partner! Not as, if you were forced to do it!

In addition, you need to make time for self-development and work on yourself. Don’t forget about your desires, read books, go to the theater, cinema, opera, learn foreign languages, improve! Become better, wiser, kinder, deeper, more interesting. If people were books, you would have to write your own faster, than your partner has time to read it, so that he can always discover something new in you.

Just remember one main rule, avoid “household” or hinting gifts! No pots and vacuum cleaners, no gym passes, of course, if your wife or husband didn’t ask for it. And even, if you heard your partner mentioning about something, you must be sure, that it’s exactly what he want.

Let us summarize the above points and put them in separate paragraphs:

  • Make each other dates! It will be more interesting, if the date are a surprise for your partner! Let it be your favorite coffee shop or park, where you have met or where he proposed to you! Sometimes it is just useful to get out of the comfort zone and instead of a standard dinner at home, spend the evening in the restaurant!
  • Romance in a relationship also depends on many minor details. Small gifts, sincere compliments, gentle touches — all this can significantly strengthen the relationship.
  • Spend more time with each other. We will tell you more about this in the next section! However, remember, plan a joint vacation, walk together and communicate more time.
  • Do unusual things. Order the song on radio or television for your partner. On the other hand you can sing live, for example, karaoke or let a professional singer sing in a restaurant at your dinner together!
  • Warm up the romance with messages. Make some time to call or to text you “second half”. Start with cute messages and get them “spicier” be the end of the day. You can start with “I love you” and finish the day with more intimate messages. The purpose of these messages is to show each other, that you are still attracted to each other.

As we said above, relationships are an everyday job. In addition, if you will not work on them — you will not get anything from them. And remember, that the quality of the relationship is directly proportional to the amount of effort invested in them. It is impossible to get something without investing anything. So, if you want a delightful and wonderful relationship — regularly take certain steps along the way.

Spend more time with each other! Make a family tradition-spend the couple weekend, come up with an interesting activity. For example, a trip to countryside or skating (or ice-skating, skiing). It could be anything. Get creative and your weekend will definitely make two of you closer.

Even if you have a large family and have children, this is no reason to forget about each other. If you don’t have close relatives to leave your children to, there is always the opportunity to hire a nanny or ask friends to sit with your children. Don’t look for excuses, look for a place where you want to go together!

Children are definitely one of the most important thing in people’s lives and the parents who raised us must surely be respected. However, a married couple need to be alone with each other once I a while. At least just to relax and pay attention to each other, to have some times to reset yourself, without being distracted by other people. Let us talk about this in more detail:

First, your children. Remember, there is nothing wrong with asking someone to babysit or hiring a babysitter to spend one evening quietly. With the advent of children, your attention, which used to be only for you and your partner, divides into a much larger number of parts. From exhaustion and inability to be in several places at the same time, we begin to gradually devote less time to our partner and ourselves. You need to have an opportunity to spend the evening alone, to allow yourself to “go out” without children. Whether it is going to the movies or a simple trip to the big store for shopping, it doesn’t matter. You have to remember, that you are not only parents, but also husband and wife. If you know it, it will be much easier or you to maintain a good relationship in the family!

Second, parents and other relatives. If you have the opportunity to leave children with them — do it! And remember, the best way to ruin your relationship is to live with parents. Of course, everyone is different, but a lot of survey showed, that after making a question on divorced couples, more than 70 % of them lived with closed relative. Because it is always better to decide, how to build your life, what work to choose and what to cook for dinner — without other people advices and opinions.

There is a good saying — Love for relatives is proportional to the distance to them. Of course, it is not necessary to go to the other side of the world, sometimes it is enough to live in neighboring apartments, but your family should have their own, personal space, where only you are the owners. This will help you associate your partner only with him, not like “mom, dad, grandma and their dog my husband”. It makes you two look like a brother and sister not like a partners, killing the authorities of both of you in a family.

Travel together more often, in addition to the banal outings and romantic dates, just go on a romantic trip! Make a tradition — every six months to rent a hotel for one or two nights, and not only in your city. There are many cozy places in a pine forest or on the banks of the river. You can also go to a nearby town, where you can find some adventure and let go of household problems for a while. If you have an ability on abroad travelling, you can divide your year in two parts: first trip is for you together and second trip is a family vacation! However, don’t forget about the main rules, when traveling, which will help you not to argue, but to enjoy your trip together. We will tell you some of them below:

What is the difference between a trip together and the usual everyday relationships?

The proverb says: “If you want to know a person, go on a trip with him”. Everything is very simple. Traveling in a special way, exacerbate emotions and heats up stress, so you can start arguing at the airport, and by the time, you would enter the hotel room, you would feel, that you hate him. Our task is to tell you how to travel together, have fun and avoid quarrels, scandals and misunderstandings! Moreover, to get only positive emotions from this holiday.

According to romantic comedies, couples vacation consist of continuous kisses, hugs, the happy laughs, holding hands and spending all your time together. And why is it so different in reality? Why can’t we to do it, like in the movies? Think about it. You waited for a long time and don’t want to spoil it with quarrels. Don’t worry, we will help you and give some tips on how to make a vacation like in movies:

First, don’t starve. When person is hungry, he feel stress out and when we feel stressed out, we want to spill out our emotions. This leads to aggression. Therefore, your task is to prevent this! So, make sure to stop and buy a snack or a drink after a long flight. Food will not only brighten up the road from the airport to the hotel, but also can put you too. After all, it is much easier to carry a suitcase and negotiate at the reception on a full stomach.

Second, be sure to get enough sleep! With the absence of healthy sleep, stress combines with the lack of sleep and person becomes like a hurricane, ready to destroy anyone on his way. Therefore, if you have a night flight and a long transplant, think about renting a room at the airport and sleep the maximum amount of time. Use the evening before flight to sleep as much as you can! In addition, we know that you want to take the best out of the trip, but it doesn’t mean to wake at 6:00 am, unless both of you are “the early birds”.

Third, expectation and reality. Discuss it in advance! Whether you are planning a trip or, as they say, go with the flow. If you like to make a list of places, where you want to go, what to try and so on, discuss them in advance and agree on everything “on the shore”. This will help you to avoid misunderstandings at the time of the trip. Often it happens, that you want to visit some places, but your partner doesn’t see the point in this and just wants to walk around the city, without a route. So offer to make separate plans for the trip and see how they intersect. If at least half of the entertainment is the same-great, do them together! If you want a completely different holiday, then select at least a couple of interesting activities from each other lists. Then your vacation will be interesting to you two.

Fourth, agree on the budget in advance, especially for those, who have different wallets. Tell us how much money each of you plan to spend, and how you will divide the budget. Will you have a common budget or a separate one? Who will buy souvenirs and how much do you want to spend money on it? Will you split the bills for food? What major purchases would you like to make? How much money do you plan to carry with you on vacation and so on? This is more for those couples, who are going to the trip together for a first time, but also works for couples with complete different opinions, because if she wants to spend all money in shops and he wants to drink them all in pubs, both would be unhappy. Perhaps, you think the idea of quarrels over money is funny, but believe me, travel changes people. And it is on vacation that the couple begins to sort out the relationship about who spent how much and who didn’t have enough for this or that purchase!

Fifth, as strange as it sounds now, but don’t spend all the time together (of course, if this is not your first vacation in ten years). Just remember, that traveling together doesn’t mean, that you have to literally be inseparable and break up just for the sake of going to the toilet. Allow yourself to spend time doing a variety of things, it will provide everyone with an interesting rest and the opportunity to exchange different experiences at the end of the day. As we said above, if you suddenly want to go in the morning to swim in the sea or pool, and your partner is sleep, let him sleep. Or, if you are not a fan of going to museums, let you partner go without you and do what you like!

Sixth, very important to learn to come on a compromise! Often the cause of the biggest quarrels is not that you are tired of each other and not that you have spent the entire budget on unnecessary things. The most terrible quarrels happen, when one person wants to order his favorite pizza and the other — a light salad. In such situations, it is better not to bend your line to victory at any cost, but to agree to the partner’s option or offer something, that suits both of you.

Seventh, talk to each other! And this is important not only in travel, but also in everyday life, this applies to the relationship in general. If you are annoyed with something, speak up and don’t hoard resentment. Talk about it and don’t force your partner to play the game “guess what I’m annoyed with you today”, trying to guess the cause of your discontent. The phrase “Sorry, I’m not mad at you, I’m just hungry. I would feel much better after the croissants and a coffee” — the most effective tool to help avoid scandals. Same thing with phrases like “I’m sorry, I don’t like then people a popping gum. Could you not to do it, please”?

Most important is to have relaxed formulation (please restrain your sarcasm and aggression) and appropriate response (even there is displeasure in something does not mean that your partner doesn’t love and respect you).

“Their marriage was on the rocks” — have you heard that expression? In this chapter, we will tell you how to avoid all the sharp corners and prevent your love broke because of home duties.

Good family and household relations are the perfect foundation for any happy family. Household destroyed not one family. Due to that, many people are afraid to live together, to marry and to start relationship. Let us look at what it is a family life.

Family life is communication with each other, raising children, shopping, cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing, and so on. The list is endless.

Domestic relations in the family should be perceived in two aspects depending on the time, that each family member spends on a common life and depending on, how the responsibilities are divided between partners and children. One of the most important points in building a positive family life is mutual assistance in household duties. In many families, children are actively involved in helping in everyday matters. According to statistics, only women are involved in family life issues. Consent in domestic relations is no less important component of a happy family, than mutual understanding between partners and spiritual intimacy. The cause of the vast majority of divorces are disagreements of husband and wife in duties.

Let us move from theory to practice. How to build family life and what should not be allowed?

For example, the constant little things like hair on a comb or not cleaned a cup (after drinking tea), can bring out even the calmest person and bring a romantic, warm and trembling relationship to a complete break. To avoid this, it is necessary to help in household tasks. It is important to understand, if only the wife is busy cleaning up the house and the husband is only making a mess — there will never be a peace in the house. Even if the wife is silent, and she says nothing, the tiredness and complaints will grow inside her, and more likely, she will just pack her bags and silently leave this relationship. Remember, we have told you above, that you need to talk to each other. Not to shout and complain, but in soft form. Everyday moments are the moments you shouldn’t be silent about. No one know you are not happy with something unless you tell them. And think about it, these are the things you deal with every day. A family built on disrespect and inequality can’t exist. And work on the house, children and earnings, should be carried out on both sides. Matriarchal foundations suggests, that domestic responsibilities take a spouse. And his half is busy making a living. It is desirable, that in such a situation the man was able to maintain dignity and remained a representative of the strong half.

No matter, what strong and independent women say, each of them wants to relax on the real man shoulder. Your household duties should not be treated like the main thing in the relationship, but should not be left out at all. You only need to put everything in order and then it will not become the enemy of a happy family.

It is important to understand and share household responsibilities. And remember that if the wife is a housewife, doesn’t mean that she is the only one responsible for the house! Help her, if it is possible, do the dishes or ironing and let her rest. Take the children to the shower or pool in the evening, and let your wife just watch the show! Relaxed and refreshed wife better, than tired and constantly cranky woman!

In general, remember, that duties should worry you as little as possible. Although, it is an important part of family life!

The ideal home is also a home where nothing irritates the eyes. Fix everything, that is broken; buy all devices, that can help you to facilitate unloved things. Throw aside the stereotypes about “male” and “female”. Do everything together. Remember, that it is possible to agree on the redistribution of responsibilities, because what you think is unpleasant, your partner may seem quite acceptable. Make it so, that you have as little as possible reasons to argue about.

The adjusted life improves health and mood, frees up time for visiting theaters, cinema, exhibitions, increase of professional level, spiritual and physical improvement of adult and young family members. You will have more time for personal interests or have more time to spend with the whole family.

So, how to solve household problems:

1. The most popular advice — distribute responsibilities. The best rule here is: who is free now dose the duty. Never forget: no one owes you anything. Learn to plan. Work together and relax together. Try to make children also take part in family matters. This will prepare them for independent life. Moreover, you will start to cope with things faster together. There will be more time to rest, for games with children. Small children do it really care what their duty would be. Importantly, they want to do it together with parents, this way they feel like adults. Make your children to feel, that they are the main part of the family.

2. Usually wife have more home responsibilities, than the husband do. Because of this, women have less time for themselves, for sleep, rest with friends and other important things in life. This pushes them to argument with husbands. If men had helped their women at home, there would be much less of family conflicts. There should be equality in the performance of household chores.

3. Careful attitude to feelings. It is not enough just to deal with everyday problems, it is necessary to pay attention to the good. Say “Thank you” for what have been done for you. Don’t take everything as it should be and you will see that your partner will try harder for your happiness.

In this chapter, we will talk about the personal space of each partner and explain, why it is sometimes so important, that you don’t forget about yourself! Everyone needs personal space and sometimes the opportunity to be alone or relax without the company. It will do you good too. Use this time wisely. Go to the spa or spend time with friends. No need to be afraid to let go of a loved one. Trust is what holds the union together.

These things you should sometimes do alone: meet with friends, visit museums and exhibitions, devote yourself to your favorite hobby, go to the gym, do shopping and much more! Why is that important? It is very simple, if you suddenly feel discomfort or sadness inside or you physically feel nervous and annoyed, you have a feeling of stiffness or pressure. It is a signal that your personal boundaries were violated. What needs to be done? Less grumbling at each other. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. This is much better, than you accumulate irritability and fatigue, and then you will pronounce: “Why did not you notice?” or “Why didn’t help?!” Everyone should have their own space. Personal freedom. It is not necessary to force a loved one to be with you every minute every day. This doesn’t mean that you will move away from each other, quite the contrary, you will miss each other even more and tend to return to the house.

Often let your husband in the pub with friends, fishing or at a football match. Wife — in the pool, yoga or in a cafe with friends. Each of you just need to talk not about everyday problems, but about something else. Some people want gossip for little or discuss a neighbor, cars, football. Others want to know what rod is now the best! This will relax you and give you the opportunity to take a break. So let he to have some spare time once or twice a week. And most importantly — don’t force the partner to change their interests. This is wrong! And, if your partner try to persuade you, you need to calmly, without shouting, explain, that everyone has the right to do, what they like.

Very many spouses for some reason believe that in family life the need for personal space should move to the background, otherwise the relationship will become cold and distant. The ability of partners to spend some part of their time without constant partner support is an important element of a healthy relationship.

After all, having your own space doesn’t deny the strong connecting inside the family, but only complements it. Time spent apart performs certain functions, that contribute to the strengthening of the family. This is the restoration of energy and relaxation, and personal development, through which spouses can long remain interesting to each other. Finally, the opportunity to be without the second half allows you to appreciate more the time spent together, to enjoy the joint communication. In everything it is necessary to find a balance between individual and joint, as well as to come to compromise solutions. Let us summarize all the points:

1. Create your own borders. First, you should determine your individual space and learn how to build it. It is an understanding of what is you want to leave untouchable. You also need to analyze the situation of everyday family life, in which you felt unpleasant emotions. For example, when you are talking on the phone, and your husband constantly came into the room and interrupts the conversation, all these are the first steps to the conscious management of your own borders and willingness to respect others. The main thing to talk about it as gently as possible and to convince your partner without aggression.

2. Discuss your findings with your partner. For sure, during the conversation you will find out that he also has his own “list” of important habits, places or objects that he considers as part of his personal space. Your task is to listen to each other and try to combine your desires. Thus, you will avoid further conflict situations of misunderstanding.

3. Take into account the needs of the partner. For example, if your partner is complaining, that now he can’t spend an active holiday with friends, go hiking and more, you can agree, that some part of the holiday or weekend he will do something else, but it should immediately discuss the option of a joint family holiday. For example, one week of annual leave you will spend in with friends, and the rest — in a more relaxed atmosphere with the family. If this option doesn’t suit your partner, go on family trip with the opportunity to extreme sport and take a fried family couple with you. Remember, that respect for the personal space of your partner — is an indicator of the value of his personality, so don’t specifically violate its boundaries.

4. Explain, why some of your habits are so important to you. If the “other half” constantly criticizes, that you leave keys, phone and small things from pockets in different corners of the apartment, quietly explain to it, that continuous remarks and shifting of your things only causes at you irritation and a negative. Tell your husband, why you are doing just so and don’t want to change this habit. In addition, do the same for the partner, try to understand his habits and thing that he does!

This chapter will be devoted to sexual relations between spouses! Don’t forget, that even if you have resumed romance, spending time with each other, gave each other some space, divided all the household duties, without intimate relationships, your work will be half effective.

Family life is a very important step in everyone’s life. Choosing a life partner, we are ready to accept a man with all his disadvantages and advantages, ready to share with him: life, material goods, give birth to children and, of course, fulfill the conjugal duty. All of the above aspects are an integral part of family life, and one of the main components is an intimate relationship. And if at first, every couple have no problem with sex, right, after several years of marriage and several periods and stages of life together, couples start to notice some problems in sexual relations. We will discuss some of them and give some great solutions on how to “spice up” sex life.

The sexual component of family life plays a very important role, because during intimacy, the couple not only get physical discharge, but most importantly, psychological, so sexual relations after marriage are almost necessary. And if there is harmony, respect and love in the family, then, as a rule, the intimate sphere is at a high level.

At the very beginning of family life, there are no problems with the sexual sphere. You can do it anywhere, as many times as possible. This is due to the fact, that young people, who have just got married, beginning to get to know each other, getting used to each other, as they say “Can’t get enough of each other”. As a rule, before the birth of children, people are having more free time as well as personal space and therefore no problems in sex. However, remember, that having children should not affect your relationship in anyway. Make time for each other. Small children sleep and everyone in the house has a room with a closing door, where you can enjoy each other. And if you have thoughts, that you are tired or just don’t want to do it, know “appetite comes during a meal”. So, just start kissing and let the chemistry do the trick. However, sometimes it happens, that after birth, a woman ceases to want a man (or a man ceases to attract to his second half), in this case, it is necessary to talk or consult a family psychologist. Don’t leave it without attention. Don’t ignore role-playing games that will help re-awaken and develop sensuality in your relationship. Here you can also include making love outside the house: you can rent a hotel room, go to the country, do it in the car or on the beach, there are many options — all your need is a desire. Go for it and you will feel like it’s the first day of your relationship.

Sex is what differs friendship from love. It is the concentration of passion. So, do it more often! Of course, you can get bored over time, but there are many ways to update the relationship in bed: from new places, sex toys, to the intimate wardrobe. Beautiful erotic underwear, it is maybe trivial, but quite an effective method to restore the lost attraction. Try new things: new places, new poses and new ways. There are mass literature is written on this topic. Moreover, even more you can learn, just openly talking to each other. So, find out what you partner want, open a Kama sutra and start practicing!

Consider in more detail, what you should do to strengthen sexual relations:

One way to make your daily and sexual life more diverse are erotic games. They help to strengthen the relationship between lovers, get rid of complexes, to understand the features of your body, to realize the secret desires of partners. All sexual games can be divided into two categories. For one of them you will not need anything, except the desire of lovers to have a good evening together. Other games involve the presence of certain props, which will help to enhance the feeling. And forget about “what, if he (she) doesn’t like it”, believe me, in a moment of passion everything will be fine, and even if you don’t like something just talk about it after, frankly and gently.

We will analyze several types of games, in order to realize the following ways of entertainment; don’t need special clothing or creating an environment:

1. Kisses blindly. One partner is blindfolded and his hands are tied. The second participant of the game should take any comfortable position of the body and not move. He thinks of the first participant those parts of the body, where he would like to be kissed by the partner. Then partners change roles. The game can continue for a long time thanks to the special tricks of the participants.

2. On the beach. This game is quite simple, but it can bring a lot of fun to both partners, especially in winter. It is necessary to spread out a large beach towel on the carpet, turn on relaxing music, turn off the light, light a couple of candles and imagine a deserted beach. One of the participants rubs the whole body of his partner, using a special massage cream or lotion. This massage will make him more sensitive to further caresses. In this game, you can simultaneously carry out rubbing. Thus, it is not necessary to forget about tender words and gentle kisses.

3. Guess my thoughts. In this game, one of the partners makes another desire of a sexual nature. The second, should look carefully in the eyes and try to guess the desire. You can’t communicate with each other. One of the participants can start a certain action and watch the reaction of the partner. Hints are resolved by means of a look, a smile or movements. It is possible to change roles after the desire of the participant is executed.

4. Magic deck of cards. This game will help lovers to release all their most cherished erotic fantasies. To do this, you need the most ordinary deck of cards, which should be divided into two parts: red and black suit. An important condition is the same number of cards. On a separate sheet of paper or directly on the map couple record erotic desires, that are made for each card. For example, an Ace of hearts could mean a french kiss. The King of the same suit involves the performance of a striptease and the Queen of hearts indicates, that the loved one will have to do a foot massage. It is not necessary to be limited to familiar caress. Unusual desires and fantasies will make this game more interesting and intriguing. Players take turns pulling cards from the deck and fulfill these desires. If a girl pulls out a black card, then she fulfills the vulgar desire of her beloved. In the case, when a young man pulls out a red card from the deck, he must fulfill the desire of his beloved. Try it. It definitely diversifies your sex life!

5. Time bomb. A common mistake of couples is ignoring the process of foreplay. This leads to the loss of the emotional component of a harmonious relationship. Thanks to this game, partners will have the opportunity to take our time and enjoy the preliminary lovemaking. To do this, set the timer for 20 or 30 minutes. Partners should caress each other until this period of time ends. Long foreplay contributes to the awakening of the sleeping passions and helps to tune up relations with new colors.

Many refer to role-playing games with obvious resentment and contempt, taking them as something vulgar. However, this negative attitude hides the fear of lack of acting skills, fear to reveal their feelings and fantasies, and fear that partner will think, that their desire is ridiculous, inability to be liberated alone with a loved one. To begin with, you can stop at the ready scenarios of erotic games. Over time, those couples, who often practice role-playing games, begin to come up with their own stories. Most of them enjoy the process of preparation. Here is a couple of possible topics:

  • Teacher and student
  • Nurse and patient
  • The maid and the tenant
  • The Courier and the customer
  • The movie star and photographer
  • Plumber and housewife
  • Strict boss and new secretary

And there are an infinite number of options, most importantly don’t be afraid to experiment, play, lure your partner, to warm up the interest in him, so that the former passion flared up with a new force!

In conclusion we want to say, that only in your hands to turn conscientious family life into a routine or find another reason for rapprochement with your partner! Absolutely all harmonious existence in this world comes from love. Your daily matters and life deserve love too. If you approach everyday affairs with hatred every time, you will become it. You will easily lose the ease and there will be the same routine, because you will become it.

What follows from this? Do it your significant other rituals, that you can invent yourself and add them as needed and desired! To make everyday life and business were special and didn’t seem so routine to you!

What you can do, for example, morning ritual? Wake up together, hug, wish each other good morning, drink a glass of water and do joint exercises (or meditation). Make a joint breakfast, brew aromatic coffee. All these little things create warmth in the relationship, harmony! Romance should be not only on holidays, but in everyday life! If you have a different schedule in the works or you are a housewife, let it be a weekend and your family traditions or get up 30 minutes, before your loved one and make breakfast and spend the morning with him.

Remember, that life should not be a constraint and accusations for no reason. Don’t force your partner to make the bed or wash a cup, all this should be optional or at the tender request, and then be sure to thank your loved one! Hug or kiss gently, be open to a body contact! This is important for a harmonious relationship. It is very inspiring for new feats and deeds! Do it even just like that, not in response to gratitude, but just like that, hug and kiss more often! Speak words of love or that missed him (her) all day. Body contact is the most powerful tool against stress. Take a shower together, brush your teeth together and make the morning ritual not every day routine, but interesting thing for two of you! Feel the routine — change the mode of the day, make something new in everyday life, buy lace underwear and arrange a night of love unusual! Remember that too!

In the background let your home play a calm or charging melody. It will give an atmosphere and a positive mood. Cook as much as possible together, get out together, let everyone do what they want. You can ask to help, but not force, if someone doesn’t want to do. Perhaps, a little later he (or she) will do it himself without asking, just because he wants to do something nice for you!

During the day, don’t forget to write to each other nice things, send photos. Even better, if you put a note with nice words in a jacket! You can also leave some sweets or goodies of your second half.

Don’t forget, that the evening you have to finish nice and interesting! Light candles or aroma sticks for dinner. Turn on a nice quiet music. Although under the incendiary, you can go crazy with the whole family and spend the evening having fun. Brew herbal tea, do it not only on holidays, but also on normal weekdays too.

You need to create a home atmosphere and comfort the place, where you always want to go back. In the house, where you are waited, met with warmth and a smile! The place with a good and pleasant atmosphere, where you will always be welcome and not scream and complain to your partner as soon as he entered the house. Think about it. Do you want to go back to the house, where there will be constant quarrels and scandals? Of course not!

Come up with many of their rituals: morning exercises shower together, evening massage, jogging, reading books, watching TV series or evening walk! Flight of imaginations and mutual desire of two partners — and your life is doomed to be fine!

Separate work, life and time, which is just for you. If you follow these advices, there will be no time and place to routine and quarrels in your family. Be happy and take care of each other!

And remember, that the words “I love you” are never too many. Words have great power. Express your feelings with all you can with performances and words. Don’t be afraid of this, don’t hesitate to your partner, just love, give warmth and you will see how your partner will be easy to perceive and give warmth in return!

Think about it. Wouldn’t you be pleased, if morning and evening were accompanied by a declaration of love? If your partner convinced you of his love again and again, as he still trying to win you over? Like you haven’t lived together for so many years and you are still going on dates, like for the first time? So try to start with yourself and you will see, how to blossom in response to your soul mate.

Show your love, including words. Take care of your relationship, your love and proudly carry your title “Happy family!”

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