Dating : Dadi

h2>Dating : Dadi

I remember having a conversation with my dad about his grey hairs a few years ago; “Haha! Dadi, that’s it! On the left side of your chin. I told you you’re having grey hair. and there’re some on your head too” i said to him, happily pointing out the one rebellious strand of hair that chose to be grey amidst it’s fellow black mates. “Etimama (as he fondly calls me), hehehe, i must be getting wiser then” my father replied cheerfully. Our conversations were and are still usually very cheerful, delightful and joy-filled. He would do anything to bring laughter to His little once’s face and He carries a well of Joy within Him.

As much as my father is joyful and Cheerful, he never failed to instill discipline when needed. There was a day i did wrong. The exact offence, i cannot remember, but the punishment is forever engraved in my memory like drawings carved on a stone. That night, as my dad said with his angry voice “Esther! Go get me one of my belts” and i made the longest journey i had ever made to His bedroom. Dreading the pain to come, i tried to pick the nicest and not-so-painful looking belt, but no! My dad came into the room, took a robust black one, dragged me to the sitting room and gave me several lashes on my right palm only. That night, i yelled, screamed, danced and danced and danced to absolutely no music, but to the agony-ushering sound of his belt consistently kissing my palm. oh, it was a really tough night, but i learnt remarkable lessons.

If you asked me to describe my dad with a single word, ‘sacrificial’ wouldn’t be far fetched in my bank of thoughts. He has always put his family’s need before he’s personal needs. Even when there were weights we could all carry with each family member carrying a portion, my papi alone would carry them all on his shoulder and lift them up till they’re all gone. Then he’ll silently massage his back without telling anyone. But sometimes, just sometimes, we can still perceive his back ache despite the “Everything is fine, we bless the Lord”

Furthermore, his thoughts are usually centered around the Lord and His words wrapped with the truth. “You see, i was reading my Bible..”, “Yes! i believe that is God’s plan..”, “Ah! this God is miraculous..”, “my dear, God is faithful..”, “Let’s thank the Lord..”, “I trust my God.” on and on… His words are always reflecting his anchor. Also, since i was an unborn child, His knees and the floor have been best friends and more importantly he has shinned light on the beautiful path leading to Life which we now walk in.

I could write on and on, but my eyes have gotten extremely heavy and no weight lifter could lift them at this point. I guess i would have a part two. However, my dad now has very many grey hairs and i don’t think i could count them, but as i count my blessings, i can count my dad. I am blessed to have a dad that has THE FATHER, i am blessed to have a dad that understands and shows love. I pray for many more grey hairs till the black ones begin to feel out of place and cave in. I also pray that very soon papi, you’ll eat the very many delicious fruits of your labor till you’re more than satisfied.

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