Dating : Dating in the digital age.

h2>Dating : Dating in the digital age.

Aurora Igleasis

Dating is becoming one of the biggest Real-World challenges these days. Gone are the times when our grandparents just made eye contact, fell in love and decided to marry each other and lived happily ever after. Nowadays compatibility is such a huge deal that often people rather choose to be alone than to be with a wrong companion. Honestly as cute as our grandparents’ stories may sound, I prefer the modern phenomena of dating culture. Stories can be deceiving and soulmates are a myth and there is no such thing as Mr./ Miss Perfect, I believe you meet someone, fall in love and work on the relationship to live in harmony. Every relationship requires an effort but the real question is who is worth putting the effort for?

In this modern era, we can’t expect to take a walk in a park and bump into the love of our lives, wait, who am I kidding, we don’t even have the time to go for a walk, let alone have the time to bump into people. Nevermind! What I am about to share now may still sound like a taboo in some parts of the world and considered as a remedy for a desperate generation but guess what dating apps do really have a huge significance in the lives of millennials these days.

We have all heard about Tinder and as shady as it appears to some of us, it actually has some pretty good success stories, even more than we can think of. Speaking from my experience, two of my friends got married last year and each of them found their partners from Tinder and believe it or not, they fit right in for the term what we call couple goals in the digital world. Most of the issues arise when there are surprises after a commitment and in their case, they have accepted each other with their flaws fell in love with each other for who they genuinely are because choosing each other was never a pressure but a choice they made and it was only possible because they didn’t start using the app with a dark cloud hanging over their head, electrocuting them with lightning as a reminder of the social pressure leading them to obsess over what could happen if this doesn’t work out. You can always make the best choices of your life when you make them out of love, not fear.

Speaking of dating apps, we all know or have heard about the most famous ones but today I would like to share or enlighten you about an underdog! An excellent dating app that I have recently came across and despite being somewhat new in the market, it has turned quite a heads around because of some of the advanced and great features that it offers. The app’s name is Yumi and I wouldn’t call it the best dating app because let’s be honest, I haven’t tried them all and no saint person should but I have tried other most talked about ones and I found this to be the most user friendly in terms of registration, security, user experience and every other traditional feature that usually dating apps hold. This Yumi app is absolutely a treat for those who are looking to have a good time without having to put much effort into it. For those of you who have had bad luck with other dating apps, you may wanna give Yumi a shot because take my two cents, it is definitely worth trying.

Anyway, enough with my gratuitous knowledge on dating apps but just in case you want to try out Yumi, I am leaving the link below. Do check it out. Adios amigos!

Download Link:…

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