POF : Am I being scammed/catfished?

POF : Am I being scammed/catfished?

Today, I met a woman on POF. We talked very briefly before she gave me her phone number and then she started calling me “cutie” and “hun” and things like that. She doesn’t have a gibberish username and I reverse image searched her picture and nothing came up. Every pic she has sent me was of the same person and didn’t look “professional” or anything like that. However, she sent me nudes, but I told her I wasn’t interested and she apologized and then tried to call me on the phone after texting for a while. Does this sound like a catfish/scammer?

By. henker220

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  1. She’s just desperate. I slept with a few older women just like this, usually fresh out of a divorce. Hell, one also called me cutie and sweetie all the time too. They’re usually stalker-level obsessed with any man who’ll even still talk to them and are hyper-aggressive trying to keep your attention and win your affection, hence the nudes. They want the D. Desperate for the D. But when you give them the D they get even worse. Like « if I break your kneecaps you won’t ever be able to leave me… » clingy. They’re also going to drive by your house at night and honk before sending you a winky-text.

    They fuck so good, tho…

  2. Sounds like a scammer that’s failed . She probably would have asked you to add her on Kik then tried to blackmail you ( I have had this happen btw)

  3. « We talked very briefly before she gave me her phone number »

    This usually takes between 1-2 weeks, if it seems too easy to get a number there’s an unsavoury reason why, perhaps even a nefarious reason.

  4. What was the conversation like before she sent the nudes? Maybe she got comfortable and felt a different vibe and then sent them to you. Her calling you after you said you were not interested could have been to apologize after sending them. It doesn’t really sound like a scammer or catfish. Did the nudes look genuine and not some professional shoot?

  5. I’ve had one girl I talked to, she seemed overly excited to meet and chat. Ended up calling me « cutie, hot, hun » a lot and I thought it was a scam too. Ultimately ended up calling her and she was legit, we met and had a good day, no nudes sent though.

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