Dating : Drunken Tinder With a Side of Fish

h2>Dating : Drunken Tinder With a Side of Fish

So, if I am terrible at engaging with men I am interested in, how did I end up on Tinder you ask? Well, I was out drinking on a Wednesday evening after work. I know it was a Wednesday because I was at a “Wine Down Wednesday” event in downtown Orlando. I was out with a coworker and a friend of mine. Girls’ night out.

My coworker was on Tinder swiping left and right and showing us the guys on the app that she matched with. In my drunken stupor, I said out loud, “that looks like fun, I wanna play too.” I barely got the words out, when my coworker grabbed my phone, found a pic in my phone that she described as “hot”, inputted a few random information, and in less than 5 minutes, I had a Tinder profile.

Well, that evening was fun because Tinder was literally a game for me. Drunken Tinder was amazing. I could see why people loved using the app. It was like I was shopping, but for men, I was hooked. I equated swiping left or right to shopping for shoes and this girl loves shopping for shoes, well, back then I did. Ugh, writing that made me cringe because men are not shoes. But I digress.

Maybe it’s a Florida thing? Or, did the fish have a different hidden meaning? To indicate that they were straight. Whatever it was, the shirtless guys holding the fish were everywhere.

Unfortunately, it became overwhelming to keep up with all the connections on the app. What started out as a fun drunken game morphed into a full-time commitment. And to top it off, I kept seeing male coworkers on Tinder, oh hell no, not them. So, I was out and uninstalled Tinder from my phone and never looked back.

What do you think?

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