Dating : Early Friday Nights, Late Friday Nights

h2>Dating : Early Friday Nights, Late Friday Nights

Warren Jeremy Rourke

Too much excitement for both of us to tell…

I prefer the late Friday to the early. I want more of the smouldering coal than the lighting of the fire. But that’s just the man in me, says but this one, he.

It’s too exciting, the lighting of the freedom of the Friday nights’ fire. The slow burning embers are more interesting, says the man in me.

It’s out there, or in here, no inbetween, where I find myself alone mostly on this Tuesday year, watching the late Friday waves not come rolling in. It’s okay. I’ll be here, for Sunday, nevertheless.

Wanting, only to speak, even if only to the excited me of the myself that lasts too long, less, in this way. For others — lol, as if I were, a measuring pole of what other men are could be.

Nah, all the little ones slept, or bubble gum I gave them, pretended to, while I bounced about the jungle gym alone as the littlest of childs with too much energy and not enough time, do.

Let I not disturb the eternal silence of that gen-globed party pool with clickety clacking tadpoling worded meanings, oh gawd faux pas, no! on that late elixir of layered Fridays, no! But they all (s)leap now; I throw, Miss Netherland, and Switzerland, and Ireland, and Hungary, and yes even, perhaps this late Friday night, my long love-strong strumbed Mrs Australia too, just tonight, not in hand, to me to you.

No doubt, early Friday is unlike late Friday, when I write, not to any of them; more’s the pity, late here. But Sundays, always, brings back the road of mance, like the need for a Gawd. This I know.

Perhaps less more as the salt and pepper sinks inevitably to the youth for their later searching absences, of later mind? Gawd, I know. I am more, after all, a man that they will know less, not late Friday nights known.

For more’s the later pity every woman needs to understand, the more the absence, the more the less hus, the and, and the need to b, on a late Friday night. For everyone spins, and hands over, too early, their late Friday nights.

05 July 2019

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