Dating : Everything

h2>Dating : Everything

By Jane Lillian Levy

Everything, by Jane Lillian Levy
“Did you know that you have a superpower?” “Me? I have a superpower?”
“Yes, you. You have a superpower. and your superpower can change the world.” “Really?”
“Yes, really.” “Where did my superpower come from?”
“You were born with it.” “I was born with it?”
“You were.” “When can I use it?”
“Whenever you want.” “Is it mine forever?”
“You’ll never lose it. Your power will never run out.” “But how do I use it?”
“It’s very simple, actually.” “It is?”
“It is.” “Do I need a cape?”
“Nope.” “A costume?”
“Not quite.” “Then what do I need?”
“Nothing, but yourself. You use it all the time, actually.” “Well, then what is it?”
“You know that thing your mouth does when you’re feeling happy or excited?” “Yes.”
“The way it curves up? And softens your cheeks? And brightens your eyes? “Hey, are you talking about my smile?”
“Yes. I’m talking about your smile. Your smile is your superpower. And guess what?” “What?”
“It’s mine, too.” “It is?”
“It is. It’s all of our superpowers. It’s a power we can never overuse.” “You also said it’s a power that can change the world, right?”
“It can.” “How is that so?”
“The world is the people around you.” “It is?”
“Absolutely and completely.” “That’s it?”
“That’s everything.”

Jane Levy is a junior at the University of Pennsylvania studying English with a concentration in creative writing. With a background in journalism, a current fascination with modernist poetry, and plans to someday write creatively for children, her greatest passion is storytelling.

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