Dating : Girl got mad cause I deleted her off social media?

Dating : Girl got mad cause I deleted her off social media?

So I was dating this girl for 4 months. We matched on tinder and hit it off, had a small lunch dinner cause of busy schedules almost directly, but then she left the country and then I left the country as she came back. We kept in touch for the 3 months later that we were both in the country but the chatting went colder. Until last month when she suddenly seemed interested again. I asked her out a week ago and we went on a coffee date, and things seemed well. We chatted a bit during the weekend but when I asked her out again she left it on seen. The day after I sent her a voice message and said that I needed some clarity cause things have been on and off for 4 months and she seemed a bit hot and cold. She said that she’s sorry but she isn’t really interested as there was no real deep connection. I tried to tell her of course it wouldn’t be one since we only been on two dates but she didn’t feel interested enough to give it a chance. I wished her good luck for the future and told her I only have close friends on social media so I would delete her. After that she got super pissed for some reason and texted some mean things. Is there something I’m missing here?

What do you think?


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  1. Sounds like the type of person who wants to do the rejecting, but hates being rejected herself. You’re not missing out on anything here

  2. LOL. She’s a stupid person who wants to keep you on the hook. Savor her stupid rage. Maybe even text back and say « what’s the point of keeping you on my social media, your pictures aren’t that hot. »

  3. >Is there something I’m missing here?

    No, just move on. Some people want the last word or wanna be the one who broke it off or kept up the chase. Obviously it’s the right decision now, isn’t it?

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