Dating : F.Laking

h2>Dating : F.Laking

Everything from this point on-ward is silicon. Careful where you put your feet, this mountain has been known to shed big chunks of giant pink boulders from 1982 onwards. Don’t take any pictures, don’t try and lick or touch the mountain, and especially, do not take any selfies.

Self-Concept, appeared here in the early 80’s and she’s been the same ever since, but yeah, she’s been decaying. If you look down, you can see a few bits that broke off in the humiliation of 1985/87, they’re considered national treasures now and your not allowed to touch them, unless you get special permission from Science.

Over the horizon is the T.V. We think it’s radiation has something to do with the erosion; that, the phone and global warming.

(gestures with a hand)This trail we’re taking on the left shoulder was popularised by E. Paris Hilton, when she came over from vermont. (lovely girl)You know, my favourite bit of this mountain is when it rains, everything gets slippery, but you know there’s just this feeling of peace, like fuck everyone, i’m wet and you can’t stop me.

Today, she’s going through a process called, F,laking, bits of the upper epidermal layer fall off, and fall to the floor, other bits are pushed to the surface and form her new skin, no major action, but researchers and a few guides say she might even lose a peak to it, if the underlayers don’t push through fast enough. If this keeps up how it’s been going anyway, well i’m not sure it’ll be Self-concept anymore will it.

Great mountain, way too young for her time, if she’d appeared in another 100 or so years when we figured out how to take good care of her, well that’d be a different story. Right now, she’s too fragile and we just don’t have the technology to keep up, I just… no one, no one likes a mountain that falls apart, it’s just not… healthy is it. (he spits and yawns)

Well we should finish the tour, get you guys safely off before there’s any dynamic social action and we lose another few layers. Scientists say that in 5 years there won’t be an ounce of self worth left, not a stone to rub together. (whistles) and then we’ll have full view of the t.v and we can keep on going from there, build a road all the way through to instagram, (wipes his forehead)Progress ay, isn’t that swell.

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