Dating : Find your next best friend on Challengr!

h2>Dating : Find your next best friend on Challengr!

Garrett Fritz

Yes… Challengr started off as purely a dating site. The laundry list of reasons why the Challenge and Response interaction serves the dating scene so well was just too obvious a place to start. With that said, as we started building and sharing our story with our friends and family, we quickly were hit with a barrage of ‘well that sounds like fun, but I’m already in a relationship!’.

I felt deeply for these poor souls who were already committed to their significant other, as a married man, I am one of them. So we took a look at how we can get our locked down friends on the app and having fun without upsetting the significant other…

Enter the ‘What are you looking for?’ feature of Challengr!

Now when you sign up for Challengr you can indicate right from the start if you are looking to use the app as a dating app or just there to find some platonic friends, after all, it is tough to find new friends when you aren’t in school anymore. That difficulty goes double if you are new to town. Imagine now that all you have to do is open the Challengr app, create a quick Challenge that will catch the eye of your waiting like-minded buddy!

Once you make your selection, the Challenges and people presented to you will be filtered to match your preferences. So go ahead and tell your husband that everything is fine, you are just looking for the 4th player for Settlers of Catan!

Of course, this preference is a multi-select field. You absolutely can select both relationship and friends if you are up for anything. Now get out there and start challenging!

What do you think?

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