Dating : Five ways to get your Bumble buzzing!

h2>Dating : Five ways to get your Bumble buzzing!

My first month on Bumble has been an awesome thirty days. I can genuinely say despite the dick pics, dead-end conversations, and lacklustre profiles. Overall my experiences have been positive. I have been able to speak to some interesting people and even landed two knockouts dates too. I have been able to navigate the space with fun and ease and wanted to share the honey on how you can also.

Be authentic

One thing I love about dating apps is it allows you to set the tone for how you want to be approached and gives some insight into your desires and needs. Tell a story and share yourself in the words you would use. Be honest about the types of dates you like and want. The kind of relationship dynamics you are comfortable having. It is not the time to revert to the old school tactics of hiding who you are to attract someone.

In this space, it is crucial and also safe to express who you are to inspire the best matches for you.

Put effort into your profile

I love emojis I very much do. My youngest sister and I literally can have conversations that are half words half emojis. But this is not the place. As hard as creating a profile and speaking on yourself can be, this is the time where transparency is the best option.

Even if you are looking for something just casual, you want to ensure you are finding the best fit for you.

Answering questions honestly is one of the only ways we can try to sift through the ghosters.

Swipe with intention

This one can be tough because, at times, even I can excitedly swipe through this app as if I am aimless scrolling through my Instagram feed. But I realized in doing that; I wasn’t seeing the people just blowing past profiles. Take the time to look through a potential match’s page top to bottom. Think a little bit about the questions they choose to answer and how they responded to them. Look at the pictures they post, the messages they are sending about themselves and how they would fit in your life.

Swiping with intention is one way we can ensure we are picking people based on our desires and standards.

Meet up sooner

Ever notice you are messaging back and forth with someone for weeks. You feel like you are connecting and vibing but unsure who is going to ask to meet. I say, ask to meet. Ask to make that date. It’s not the time to worry about if it’s too soon, will they perceive me as desperate, or do they like me?

If you have the thought of this person in your mind, it’s time to confirm if you both have that same energy in person.

Be direct

This one is straight forward. Be honest in your feeling, trust your gut, and ask those hard questions when you feel you should. If you feel unsure about the type of contact and connection a person wants from you, ask. Speaking through apps and text can make it easy for us to overthink and stay in a limbo of where we stand with other people.

Asking the questions you want too, straight up and with respect, really allows you to filter through the ones not best suited for you.

These are the tricks that I have used so far to navigate my time on Bumble. It has helped me find great connections but also allowed me to become more comfortable with prioritizing my needs and sharing them too. I hope these five tips to help you find your next Bumble Date match.

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