POF : Lots of bots are messaging me its out of control

POF : Lots of bots are messaging me its out of control

Lots of fake profiles in cities near me are continuously messaging me today spamming my inbox pof is out of control i wish the real women would message me instead of these fakes.

By. bigcommander85

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  1. Very few women don’t message first anywhere. It’s cultural. Not much to do about that. As far as bots, either you need to stop getting your Hope’s up when you get a message or get off the site because most if your inbox is going to be bots.

  2. In my area bots are booted off the system after a few hours, scammers might take a bit longer, I’m not in a hurry.

    I report a few myself, but never get too excited at first.

  3. On the positive side if you respond to those bots it increases your “popularity” meter. Which apparently in turn priorities you as active for actual matches creating the illusion to others that your profile gets more traffic from legit prospects.

    As for the bots, I find it’s like the Purge. Once 11pm rolls around they seem to come out of the wood works till roughly 6am. Then they go back to the shadows.

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