Dating : Follow us.

h2>Dating : Follow us.

Socrates Charisis

By 2020, more than half a billion users will have experienced an online dating experience at least one time in their life. Thinking out loud, considering in the equation all these people that dated online on Instagram and Facebook, that number overcomes 2 billion.

ver since we started our journey in the entrepreneurial world, we did everything to deliver a unique momentum to the people. A bright momentum, an experience that will bring happiness and joy to all of us.

Startups in that social media market cycle should and must deliver that kind of products with only one goal: To connect humans. Apps, platforms and digital initiatives should focus in helping maintain and scale the way people interact and live their lives. Case, is not to create another mobile social network. The case is to make it work between people. Now, while we keep moving away from each other, changing lives and habits faster than ever, we need to use technology to save the day.

I know, maybe it seems like another mobile app. But it is another promising effort to keep this place alive.

While in 2019, Vespr kicked off by dropping a totally different social dating concept. Ever thought about how it would feel like to match instantly with new people every night? Well, it feels great. It feels great to find new friends in a snap of your fingers. It feels great to make lasting relationships and have fun at the same time.

This is why we came up in building, managing and delivering Vespr to the market.

After all, it is all about making people feel happy.

Follow us in that journey. We are about to bring people together, effortlessly, fast and in the safest way.

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