Dating : Dating as an adult.

Dating : Dating as an adult.

I just don’t get it. I mean, as a teenager, it was so much easier. One could rock up to anyone, say something along the lines of « hey, wanna go out with me? » or even « wanty nip? » (nip: Scottish for kiss), and it’d be a simple « aye » or « naw ».

Now, as an adult, there seems to be this weird convention, whereby one must chase and say what they want without really saying it. It’s either that, or get ghosted on dating apps.

I’m not one of those jaded folk who think that « hey, you matched with me, let’s talk immediately! » I realise that life gets in the way, and I also realise that my dating form is a bit rusty, due to almost six years of being in a relationship, but man, why’s it so fucking difficult?

I’m ready for another relationship, heck, I was ready for it two years ago, even when I was still in a relationship. I’m tired of being lonely.

I feel like I should just try taking the teenage me approach to dating. Being honest and to the point is a heck of a lot better than skirting around and holding back.

Perhaps one day I’ll get Kat. *Sigh* she’s beautiful and I’m falling hard for her. Yes, I did ask her out and initially she said yes, but then said no. I don’t really know why, other than what she told me – that she was a bit apprehensive, due to some bad dates and that she just wants to be by herself just now (or something, I’m too lazy to look at the text and too tired to remember). I really just want Kat. Just to clarify, Kat isn’t the ex I mentioned, she’s someone new and exciting and special. She’s… Kat.

We hung out on Friday and she sketched me. It was a warm evening and she was going for a drink with her friend, though all she wanted to do was go home and smoke. There was a moment when she was sketching me, when I looked up at her and just took in how absolutely beautiful she is. If I had a camera, not even that would manage to do justice to her. It was an honest moment, one that I’ll cherish, no matter how silly it seems.

Dating may be difficult, and I don’t know if my friendship with Kat will lead anywhere. but at least I haven’t been onii-sama zoned. That’s even worse than the friend zone.

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  1. Honestly I feel the same. When I was 18-23, I didn’t have an issue having women around (whether dating, hanging out, FWB, whatever). Now I’m 28, and the whole dating thing is a fucking game with no set rules. It’s much more complicated than it has to be, I’ll say that much.

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