Dating : Forte

h2>Dating : Forte

Eris Lillith

He fights. Day in and day out, he trains and strengthens himself. He works on his strengths and his weaknesses, and nourishes both his body and his mind. He is a genius, yes, but he is also a genius of hard work. He works, and works, and strides on, never retreating or stopping. Truly, an admirable existence, one who works himself to the bone every day, then gets up and works some more.

With such strength, come many admirers and much envy, hate, and jealousy. He ignores it, aloof from such menial things. He moves on, and on, and keeps growing with his strength, with his wits, with his power. He is the strongest of his generation, the strongest in many generations — a true peerless genius.

Jealousy is the ugliest trait, and the higher one rises, the harder they fall. He, who is forthright and just, how could he see the betrayal? He is smart, a genius, but he doesn’t know the darkest depths of the human nature. When he falls, the heavens cry for him and the world falls with him. It is a true tragedy, to see one so good and righteous die to betrayal and villainy.

He is betrayed by the ones he loves. He loves them all, and has always worked to protect them. But how could he know that they would grow jealous and resentful of his protection? How could he know that they, his beloved family, would conspire to kill him? How could he know that someone snuck behind his back and subverted his family from him?

What he regrets when he dies is this — that they will die without his protection. And it does happen. Without his strength, who would not utterly destroy them? He who is aloof from this world, never hesitating, never retreating, never regretting, only regrets at death, not for himself, but for the ones who killed him.

This is truly the good die young whilst the wicked live a thousand years.

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