Dating : Fortune Cookie Fiasco

h2>Dating : Fortune Cookie Fiasco


Jared was down to his last buck. The factory closed and work was scarce. Yet he couldn’t ignore the fact he hadn’t eaten for two days any longer.

His respite would be his favorite ramen place in old town. During the rehabilitation of Japan he fell in love with the local cuisine. Golden Chopsticks wasn’t the same, but it did invoke the memories of happier times.

By his lonesome in the far corner of the restaurant he was seated. The staff thought it better to not scare the customers. They rudely and harshly threw the bowl at him along with a fortune cookie. For those few moments, the beefy broth, and dangling noodles took him away from himself. He slurped the bowl down, savoring every drop. Then he got to the fortune cookie.

Immediately he cracked it open, ripped the paper out and engulfed the cookie. The fortune fell face up down to the table. Jared tried not to be to superstitious but a couple of tours in foxholes, and you do what you can to survive.

“Do something for someone else. Happiness will be your reward. 31 23 19 15 9 7.” The fortune read.

“What a bunch of bull shit.” Jared murmured to himself.

The problem with being broke is you can’t do what you want to do. Jared knew the dollar wasn’t enough for the meal. It was all he had. He drew his hat down low over his brow to hide his shame.

“He not pay enough!” The waiter yelled.

Jared was already out the door, but the crowd already threw their judgmental glances. He slept in his car. The old tin can was drafty, but reliable. He parked it at a park that no one went to. Or so he thought.

It was early morning and some over achievers were running at dawn. Their shadows flickered the sun’s rays on and off of Jared’s face waking him up. He looked up and saw two men running. That’s what Jared thought. In reality it was two men in pursuit.

“Bunch of show offs! Let me sleep!” Jared grumbled.

He tossed to the side and tried to sleep more. This worked until a man in a sweaty business suit started tapping on the window.

“Let me in! Let me in! He’s trying to kill me!” the man pleaded.

Jared jumped awake. He popped the door open and the man jumped inside.

“Go! GO! go!” The man demanded.

It was to quick to question, only to action. Jared ignited the motor and pushed the pedal to the floor.

“What the hell is going on?!” Jared yelled.

“That guy, was a former client of mine.”
“Business went bad.”
“He got angry.”
“Started harassing me.”
“Leaving threatening notes.”
“It is not easy being the good guy.”
“I didn’t think he would actually do it.”
“Til I saw him staring at me outside of kitchen window.” The man’s words were frenzied, panicked, but as the car drove on a sense of relief grew.

“Can you go to the police?” Jared questioned.

“He is with the police. I was his divorce lawyer!”

“He lost his mind and went bonkers!” The man was frustrated.

“He cut the phone line to my house.”
“I was trapped in my own home.”
“If I didn’t make break for it, I would be a goner.”
“I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t here.”
“Wait why are you here?” The man was gaining his composure.

“Rent’s expensive, gas is cheap.” Jared bluntly stated.

“You are not working?” The man deducted.

“What makes you say that?” Jared rebuked.

“These are hard times. A lot of people are hurting. Plus I am sitting on your pillow too.” The man explained.

“I may be able to help you with that. If there is one silver lining to this mushroom cloud. It would be the revelation of my necessity for more security.” The man reasoned.

“Tell me sir, oh where are my manners? My name is Stuart. What do I owe the honor of your introduction to?” Stuart insisted.

“The name is Jared.” Jared abruptly answered.

He was just driving down the road, not knowing where he was going. The only thing that he was doing was getting Stuart away from his predicament.

“Are you a veteran, Jared?” Stuart assumed.

“I served. A lot of people did.” Jared admitted.

“I was attending law school, and missed the whole dang thing.” Stuart disagreed.

“You want a job as my body guard?” Stuart offered.

Jared turned away from violence after the war. He didn’t want to hurt any more people. Sometimes necessity outweighs desire.

“What if I don’t want to do it? Do you need me to do it?” Jared insinuated.

“Well considering I am in your car, I am in very much need of your assistance.” Stuart explained.

Jared thought back to the night before and the fortune cookie.

“Maybe it is not bullshit.” He concluded.

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