so i was sitting with my father and forcing him to share his life experience with me i know i was wrong i should have to wait but i dint so he scolded me and then started a lengthy argument between us it was more argumental for me then my father then he started telling me this story

once there was a very intelligent boy who was also an expert in arguments. one day he was sitting at his home peacefully with his parents (i know this sound wired so is peaceful but it is the story) so his mother served him two apples in a plate.Suddenly something lit up in the mind of mr. argumental, he told his parents that there are three apples in his plate and he can prove this. How? asked his father with no doubt . The boy said look at the apples and he picked one apple in his one hand and said this is apple no. 1 and took the other apple in other hand and said this is apple no. 2 so i have total three apples. his father laughed and then took a deep breath and then said okay so there are three apples as you said and you have also proved so Let’s distribute them together said his father taking one apple in his one hand and in the other hand he took another apple and gave it to the boy’s mother and said the boy you take the third, the boy was shocked and ashamed because we need to use our intelligence as needed neither we need to be stupid nor we need to be like the boy in the story. My father said that argumenting is of no use with no context. and if we fails to give the correct argument at the right time, it creates nostalgia in our heart. an argumental man run away from sentiments because argument is the subject of heart and feeling are of heart and if we will only focus of one thing, it will just create more and more sadness.

It was a message for me from my father and now I got it.

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