Dating : Ghosted #10 — The House Hunt: Part Three

h2>Dating : Ghosted #10 — The House Hunt: Part Three

Photo by Berkay Gumustekin on Unsplash

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“He can see us,” said Trisha, as if in a dream, crouching down in front of the overjoyed pup. He was a little one, with shiny golden fur and drooping ears.

“A ghost dog,” whispered Praveen. “Unbelievable.”

The pup tried jumping on Trisha, but fell through her with a yelp.

“It’s a she! She’s so cute!!! Can we keep her? Please?” Trisha’s eyes were as wide as the dog’s. Even the dog looked up at us expectantly. We melted at the sight. Trisha continued cajoling us. “She’s low maintenance. No eating, that means no poop cleaning. She’s so lonely, look at her. She doesn’t even understand that she’s dead. How did you come here, little puppy?” “How diju comeere?” and started cuddling her.

“We can keep her,” said Radhika, in a motherly voice, looking fondly at Trisha. I nodded. Trisha jumped up and screamed, “I love you guys!” and hugged us as best as she could.

“What do you think of the place, boys?” said Praveen, sweeping both his hands across the huge room, bringing us back to why we were here at the first place. “Will this do?”

“I guess, yeah,” said Sid and Roger nodded in agreement.

“A little help in packing and moving?” Sid looked at us.

“No way,” said Trisha. We need to take care of Truffles,” when she saw our raised eyebrows, she said, “That will be her name from now,” and snuggled the puppy in her arms.

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