Dating : Go Away

h2>Dating : Go Away

Getting out and away from life.

Owen R Thornton

Its cause I just want to go away with you,
I can’t stand here as we watch them shoot
It’s getting too hard to hold onto that smile
Why can’t you stick around for a while?

I just want to get away with you
I know things been hard and you’re trying to get through,
But this song never over till we come through,
Only with you
I can get through.

I just want to go out away from everything with you,
See the places you’ve seen too,
To walk across the water and the sea
To look back, and see nothing behind me,
Only forward and the side,
So I can take a peek and see into your eyes.

I just want to go places with you
Away from this town
That we never knew,
Where is the love in the stars when we go home
Is this the place we really want to be shown.

Let’s crawl over the sun
It’s not over until we have begun
I see us in the night
Dancing high up in the sky
Let’s move out this town
Quite moving around
And see,

Let’s dance and make it right,
Let’s see this world Tonight.

I won’t be home without you

© 2019 Owen R Thornton

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