Dating : Good Vibes

h2>Dating : Good Vibes

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Walking to the security checkpoint is her least favorite thing. It’s only a matter of time before someone wants to search her bag, and they’ll display her goodie bag for all the nearby passengers to see.

One time it was close. The guard lifted her bag and asked her to follow him to the side station. When he started digging, Chris asked abruptly, “It’s my nuts that set it off, right?”

Thankfully, right on top was a large canister of peanuts the rather shocked man lifted and shook. “These nuts?” he joked with a grin. He placed them back on top and told her to move along. Chris was thankful her fun personality saved her that time, but she could only be so lucky.

She always took her vibrator everywhere; leaving for a week was no exception. If she couldn’t survive her morning commute without using it when she arrived at work, how could she handle days in another country?

Once she cleared the x-ray station she took a direct route to the bathroom on the other side. What better way to kill three hours than to insert your phone controlled personal massager and people watch?

She loved her vibrator, it was simple to insert into either hole and had a long battery life. Just thinking about it made her soaked in her juices, let alone actually putting it in. It would last her entire international flight if she kept it on low, she reasoned with herself.

Tucking into a corner table of the bar near her gate, she set her favorite vibration pattern on her phone and smiled into her beer. It didn’t take long for the area to fill with passengers, and she began having vivid fantasies about the handsome travelers at the closest gate. She turned up the intensity via her phone and the stronger hum caused her insides to pulse with anticipation. She began to rub her neck to hide her increasing pleasure.

She knew she was flushed when the large man sat next to her. He asked to share the table, his accent thick Australian. She could tell it wasn’t his first beer, but his rugged good looks made the interaction pleasant. After a few pleasant remarks, he leaned in close and whispered, “I’ve been watching you squirm since you sat down, I know what you’re up to down there.”

His accent and warm breath in her ear combined with the vibrations inside of her, sent her into an orgasm that was very difficult to hide. She clenched her jaw and smiled though her teeth, knowing he was well aware of what just happened.

Pausing for a long moment to gain composure, Chris replied, “It would be more fun with a friend.”

Knowing airports are tight security, the only option was outside the small smoker’s door near the first gate. Once outside, his long coat wrapped around her on the retaining wall that held beautiful flowers. He kissed her so deeply, she didn’t care that she never asked him for his name. With very sure hands he slid her leggings toward her knees and removed the vibrating toy from her soaked pussy then plunged it into her asshole.

The sensation drove Chris crazy and she bucked her hips as she discreetly unzipped his pants to allow his throbbing cock to press into her. From the side, it looked like a couple embraced in a make out session, and she kept him still as she used her phone to increase the vibrations she knew he could feel by the way he groaned into her mouth. She clenched her wetness around him as she felt him get thicker and more rigid. When she climaxed it sent radiating pulses from her back to his front, where he couldn’t hold back anymore.

She grabbed his hips to pull him deeper inside and increased the vibrator to its most intense pulsation setting. He slumped forward and exploded into her, like a faucet was left on, the strongest wave he’d ever felt. Chris turned off her app to allow the vibrations to stop so she could enjoy feeling him throbbing inside her, his cum like a pressure washer against her walls over and over.

One he could lean back on his heels, Chris slid her pants up but kept inside his embrace. His load was too large for her to hold and she felt it starting to creep out of the side of her panties. Looking down at her phone and seeing the time, she jumped up and grabbed her bag.

“I enjoyed my layover with you!” she yelled as she ran for her gate. He remained leaning on the wall and waved.

She found her seat on the plane next to a sweet old lady, for what would be a long flight. She turned the setting to the lowest vibration from her phone, grinned out the window, and enjoyed the warmth running down her leg.

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