POF : A bot keeps stealing my pics!

POF : A bot keeps stealing my pics!

I was on POF one day, and all of a sudden MY pic showed up in the search bar! I click it, and they stole all of my pictures. Put totally different info and said I was looking for sex! A week prior a guy messaged me asking if I had 2 profiles. I had no idea what he was referring to until I found the fake bot! I reported it, and messaged it myself threatening to call police (just to scare them) got no response and the profile was gone in like 30 mins. Well, now another guy has informed me that there is yet ANOTHER fake profile of me sending out scam messages to people! I’m so upset because I have a career somewhat in the public eye, and I can’t have my pics advertising me for sex! I don’t know what else I can do at this point to stop it 🙁 I guess it’s some foreign asshole sitting at a computer all day, stealing pictures, trying to scam people out of money. Just like those dumb IRS calls people get. Anyone have any advice on what I can do? I haven’t found the new second fake account yet!

By. KC730

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