Dating : Greaux’s Tinder Journal #2

h2>Dating : Greaux’s Tinder Journal #2

Waden Greaux
Finally taking the plunge.
  • Out of 10 matches, 3 responded, and only one was willing to give his phone number (more on that later).
  • Out of the likes I’ve received, only 5 of them were women, and they were all roughly 5,000 miles away from me. Two of them were close to my location. The rest were men, of whom were also 5,000 miles away, with some being close to my location. It should be noted that I had received 16 likes after changing the settings in my profile to be shown to everyone, as opposed to just women. However, because Tinder shows new accounts to everyone at the beginning, it’s safe to say that most of my likes came from other men. I conjecture that this is due to several factors, such as my sub-par photos (more on that later), the gender ratio of Tinder, and to me downright unattractive.
  • After playing around with my photos, I ultimate chose to narrow it down to two photos: me looking toward the camera with a straight face, and the first photo of me smiling. I have not used a service such as Photofeeler to receive feedback on my photos. I recently got some professional shots taken, and as such, should be able to change them soon. I also plan on asking some of the women I’ve met in real life for feedback on my pictures.
  • I tended to swipe in bursts of a few minutes in the afternoon, rather than in a set interval. I also made sure to keep a 40–70% swipe ratio in order to ensure that the algorithm does not lower my ELO score. I counted my swipes for documentation purposes.
  • In my bio, I simply have my height listed, as well as a link to my Instagram (@the_waden_g ) and a short witty sentence; nothing too long, as I intended on creating an air of mystery around myself.
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