Dating : How Can I Approach My Crush?

h2>Dating : How Can I Approach My Crush?

You can NEVER take yourself too seriously when approaching women.

I LOVE going to clubs.

They are DEFINITELY one of my favourite places to approach beautiful women, besides the streets.

I mean, where else can you find such a LARGE number of beautiful women hanging around in the same place at the same time?

And yeah, there are many different ways you can approach these women there, and of course, it all depends on which communication tactics you’re more COMFORTABLE and confident using.

I remember, last month, I was hanging out with my pals at this bar named Jungle, and there, I spotted two find hot chicks standing together on the balcony looking over the band that was playing on the stage in front.

They were sipping their drinks, enjoying the music, etc, completely oblivious everything around them.

So I walked up to the stairs and approach the first hottie:

Me: “Hi, how is it going?”

Girl 1: “Huh? Do I know you?” (Rolls her eye and completely ignores me)

Me: (Look at the Girl 2) “Hey your friend here, does she ALWAYS act like this?” (I walk towards her and sit down)

Girl 2: “No, don’t mind her, she’s had a long day at work”

Me: (I play crying) “Did you just see that? She broke my heart. I need to cut my wrist now”

Girl 2: **Giggles**

Girl 2: “Oh poor boy”

Me: “Yeah (I take my cell out), I’m calling the undertaker.

Girl 2: **Giggles**

Me: “By the way, did you know that I am gay?”

Girl 2: “Oh are you? Why wanna tell us so suddenly?”

Me: “So that we can be best friends, spend time all the time, and I can see you naked.”

Girl 2: (cracks out loud) “OMG, you’re such a pervert!”

Me: “I know! Sucks don’t it?”

Girl 2: (laughs)

Girl 1: “You’re so funny. By the way, what’s your name, Ricky?”

Me: “God you are forward, aren’t you? Let me tell you, I’m not THAT easy!”

Girl 2: “What? Hey, I was just asking for your name!”

Me: “That’s exactly what they ALWAYS say…”

Girl 2: “Now, come on…”

Me: “Ok, you go first. No, no wait. Let me guess, Paris???”

Girl 2: “Umm no! Why do you think that?”

Me: “You look smart”

Girl 2: (Hits me playfully in the arm) “Hey!”

Me: “What?!!”

Girl 2: (giggles) “I’m Jane.”

Me: “Well hi Jane, nice to meet you.”

Girl 2: Blah, blah, blah…

(By this time her friend, Michelle, who blew me away at first, noticed how much fun we were both having, and she walked over to us and joined our ‘conversation’).

As you just saw now, you can NEVER take yourself too seriously when approaching women. If you are serious and uptight about your approach, it WON’T come out right.

Most of the time, a lot of guys make a huge mistake of putting a lot of pressure on themselves as they’re out to meet women.

They always worry about saying the ‘right’ things, do the ‘right’ things, and deliver the world’s best ‘lines’ on girls. But let me tell you that’s just the WRONG way of approaching women.

All kinds of things can happen as you’re out there in different social settings (bars, clubs, cafes, malls, in the streets) approaching women, and definitely, you’ll run across women who’ll BLOW you outright.

Just like when I approached Michelle at the beginning, she did the exact same thing to me. But within that FRACTION of time, I quickly stood up on my feet FAST and kept going. It’s very important HOW you take charge of the situation when it happens because if you make one mistake, then you’re doomed forever.

The entire social dynamic changes in that fraction of a split second if you don’t take control of the situation.

Do THIS: don’t doubt yourself. And simply do WHATEVER that comes to your mind at that moment.

You see, one of the QUICKEST ways to meet lots of beautiful women is, undoubtedly, do cold approaches. And, let me tell you this, NO, it WON’T look awkward to women. And, it’s not as difficult or as ‘scary’ as most guys seem to make it.

Next time, you spot a hottie, you don’t hesitate. You take ACTION. You just go for it. But let me warn you about one thing: cold approaching can become REALLY addictive…

But to be honest, I strongly believe that cold approaching is one of the most POWERFUL skills you can build as a man. You see, when you master the art of ‘approaching’ women, I can guarantee that your love life WILL change for the better. It’ll be one huge roller-coaster ride. A lot of your friends will LOVE you and treat you like a Greek God. Beautiful girls would just stand up, take notice and be ‘secretly’ wishing you’d approach them (whether they’d like to admit or not).

Stay chilled,


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