POF : let’s turn the « nice guy » logic on women

POF : let’s turn the « nice guy » logic on women

If you can’t find a decent man, maybe the problem is you.


If everyone is a weirdo to you, maybe you are close minded and sheltered


If you are so desperate you have to shout in capitals about how this is your last try, or any of the above, you should just give up and leave the website, nobody wants you.


If you have nothing to say but « just ask » why are you even here?, go away.


Oh and stating « not looking for fun » is not going to change anyone’s mind, its a worthless statement and a turn off to start a profile on a engative


Every area seems to have a permanent population of women with a huge stick up their backsides and a nasty attitude, the rest seem to be a mixture of timid, sheltered and super paranoid.

By. Serveradman

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  1. It is not me by any means, and no girl likes getting a first message that talks about sitting on his face or having sex in a closet the first date. Yes I have gotten those messages from guys in my past. I normally won’t respond to a message if I am not interested all because 95% of the time when I do respond saying sorry you are too far from me or sorry we are not looking for the same things I always get a nasty message back.


    Girls have it just as hard as guys have it. When a girl says she is not interested you need to learn not to take it so personally. No offense but from the posts you make on these subs and from some of your responses you sound exactly like the guy who will flip out on a girl if she responds saying she is just not interested. If I send a message to a guy and they don’t respond or they respond saying not interested I don’t let it get to me and I move on.


    I don’t know why you seem to think so strongly about the women who don’t respond to your messages, have you ever thought that maybe its not the women who are the problem and maybe its you and how you message them. Maybe you are being too picky with who you want to me.


    I am sure you have gotten messages from women you were just not interested in. What if a woman who was over weight messaged you and said she wanted to get to know you, would you respond? You can’t honestly expect me or anyone else to believe that you get no messages and no responses. Everyone gets people they do not feel interested in that they don’t respond to.


    Your assumptions are not entirely true about all women. You are constantly on here complaining about women and how bad they are. Maybe you need to change your attitude about them and how you view them. Try by being more positive instead of so negative

  2. The problem is these women are living in an artificial dating environment that’s abnormally skewed in their favor of at least 80/20. This is clearly not reality so they are responding as such. Consider the arena and leave POF in the dust. It’s a cancer and not reality. Ignore the proponents here writing lengthy dissertations in favor of the POF bacteria trap.

    These proponents just want you to stay there. One must remember POF makes a substantial amount of money off you even if you aren’t a paying member. With so many fake profiles it’s quite obvious what they are doing. I’m not even including the spammers either.

    Get out into the real world ASAP and regain your life. Do what must be done to meet others and the rest will fall in line!

  3. Works both ways. Maybe most women have a “huge stick up their backside” is because the majority of messages they get involve something perverted.
    I’m also not going respond to someone who says hey sexy.
    There are a ton of guys who wrote the same crap in their profile, no filters, no fake women, don’t ask for money.
    You sound a little bitter. Maybe that’s your issue

  4. I’ll tell you, I see the same exact profile over and over. The only thing that is different is the pictures and the name. They are close to their family and they love their job. They really want to travel. Like to get dressed up once in a while and go out on the town but are ok with staying in and watching movies too. Love to cook. And the pictures, my god the pictures. All of the cameras are mounted to the ceiling for some reason, that’s if it’s a picture of just one person which is rare. A lot of times you have to guess which person you are supposed to be looking at from a group in every single pic. Or worse there aren’t any people in the pic. And my personal favorite, Snapchat filters. If you aren’t going to show up with antlers on the date then I don’t want to see them in your picture. I don’t want to see huge distorted eyes, bunny ears, or anything else. Do that with your girlfriends or kids. I’m just making an observation here. I’m sure the guys do the same thing but I don’t get to see those.

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