Dating : How cleanliness killed a gentleman’s date

h2>Dating : How cleanliness killed a gentleman’s date

“Well, the good thing about foot massage is, you don’t have to talk to each other.” Jacey heard my story over an afternoon phone call.

“Yeah that’s right, but you know what you have to do? Taking your shoes off.


“I shouldn’t have looked at it…He didn’t cut his toe nails…”

“Oh my.”

“Oh MY!!! They were long, pointy, and there was some filth… Something black in his nails… Ugh… It was somehting you can’t un-see. I truly regret it.”

“Well that is a whole other level of dirtiness.”

“He walked me home and tried to stay with me. I said I was tired and I wouldn’t let him in.

He kissed me on the lips to say goodbye, I didn’t dodge, out of politeness I guess? But when his lips were on mine, all I could think of, was his toe nail.
 I turned around and instantly felt nausea in my stomach. It didn’t go away until the next morning.

He texted me when he got home. I just looked at it and decided to never text him again. He is a really nice guy, but just by thinking of being together and I would have to change him all over, it’s too much work.”

“Sometimes I thank my boyfriend’s mother, sisters and ex-girlfriends, for whatever effort they have made to sculpt who he is now.” Jacey has been dating a reliable police officer for 2 years.

“I do too! So many times my ex amazed me, I always felt grateful of his mother. I thank his mom for giving him birth and to have raised him this way.”

“Also, maybe I just didn’t feel that much for Ralph, so the turn-over felt like too much work. If I really liked him, a lot of things probably wouldn’t matter. Like, if Daddy didn’t brush his teeth in the morning, or if he goes bald, I’d still find him handsome.”

Daddy is a guy who I had a huge crush on, he is 27 but he’s the completely opposite from Ralph on the matter of cleanliness.

“I agree. I make fun of my boyfriend about this too, his dad is bald. And he might even have a beer belly when he’s 40. But I still love him.”

“Daddy already has a beer belly and declined hairline, I am crazy about him.”

“Maybe foot massage is a good thing on first dates, you get to see if his toes were clean.

“How he takes pain and what went wrong in his body.”

Taiwanese foot massage can indicate malfunctioned parts in your body based on the foot reflection areas, for example: weak lungs, not drinking enough water, sleeping habits or sex difficulties.

We both laughed, the brightest dating tips are only born when you least expect it.

Brooke Cagle
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