Dating : How Everything Worked Out When I was Very Pregnant and Abandoned

h2>Dating : How Everything Worked Out When I was Very Pregnant and Abandoned

When my parents found out I was pregnant, I was very very pregnant.

I just walked in from work and as usual my parents were at the table drinking tea. But this time something was different when I greeted them. They looked devastated, disappointed and upset. I froze for a sec thinking they found out some bad news about another family member. I slowed down to ask what happened when I saw the paper in their hand. The same paper I received from my doctor about the hospital tour of the birthing suite with my name on it.

Oh gosh, they found out. I felt a sense of fear rise inside of me.

My dad asked in a low disappointed voice you’re pregnant? I said Yes.

He said We just got good news that your cousin is engaged to get married and I’m gonna be a grandfather and your not married?

Hearing those words instantly put me in a state of shame. I felt like a family screw up and a huge failure. I felt like just crawling up in a ball and thinking oh gosh, please let this go away, please let me wake up from this dream. My parents are proud of my cousin and ashamed of me.

As I sat there looking down in shame, they decided the best way to solve their problem and save themselves from embarrassment was for me to give the baby away for adoption and come back home and everything will be okay.

I just couldn’t imagine giving birth, handing a baby over like a piece of merchandise and going home. It made no sense to me.

They convinced me that I could never raise a child on my own with the income I make let alone all the other expenses involved. It will be impossible to be able to raise this child on your own. They put instant fear in me and I agreed as they said it.

But the voice in my head was saying , I am not 16 and pregnant, I am 22 and I know there are other moms in their 20’s raising a baby and making it, so why can’t I?

Then this scary thought came to me was what if the baby grew up one day and found me and asked me why I gave her away and I told her I was 22 and my parents were upset I wasn’t married and told me to give her up. She would ask me why I gave me away when I was capable of raising her.

That’s when I went I was determined to keep her

Over everything that was said and the embarrassment my parents were about to endure, the thought of my child questioning me was enough decide I will keep her and raise her by all means necessary

I’m telling you God works in mysterious ways.

I am supposed to give my baby up and go home and live like nothing happened and just live.


I couldn’t do it.

God makes things happen even when you think there is no way and no answer or it makes no sense.

Be still and know that I am God

Please relish on that scripture

I will never leave you or forsake you

When I was abandoned by my worldly parents, their pride sinned them so much that they left me and forsake me.

It was so embarrassing for them to accept that I was pregnant and how my parents were going to explain to their family.

I think I came out okay. God chose me to leave my family in the most discomforting way to reveal Himself to me.

I left my house for the last two months of my pregnancy and went to my friend Carols house.

This is how I know God is working

Carol moved back to Mississauga from Toronto and I went to visit her. she didn’t know I was seven moths pregnant. I knocked on her door and she saw me very pregnant, didn’t ask a question and told me to come in right away. Her mom came home later and they let me stay. No questioned asked.


God took care of me when the only parents I had told me to leave.

This is how I know God is real. He said He would never leave me or forsake me. And He kept that promise.

I had no clue what I was going to do and yet He made a path. This is how I know God revealed Himself to me and He is using me to glorify Him.

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