Dating : How Long Does Courtship Take in the Philippines?

h2>Dating : How Long Does Courtship Take in the Philippines?

Cathy de Jesús

“How do I love thee? Let me count the ways”

When it comes to your special someone, you can never truly fall short of finding ways to show how much you love them. Some prefer to keep it low-key, while others may prefer to be bombarded with affection.

Whatever method you choose, so as long as you’re being genuine, your love will be well-received.

When it comes to Filipinas, you might have to put in extra effort in making them feel loved. Once they feel your love is sincere, they’re sure to return it with the same amount of love. But to get to that point, you would have to take the road less taken.

These women do not take their vows lightly — as Filipinas are known to tie themselves down once they’re all settled.

This is the reason why most Filipinas like to put their suitors to the test. It’s not that they’re playing hard to get, they’re simply being careful with who they end up with. These ladies are quickly turned off by men who do not take rejection lightly. Even more so if a man is too assertive.

Because of this painstaking judgment, courting Filipinas takes a long time. They have to be keen when making a decision, lest they regret it in the long run.

A Filipina often thinks with practicality. If a man clearly lacks in a certain area that’s important to her, like street smarts or sympathy, she would think twice before getting into a relationship with him. This saves her time and the trouble of going through a potentially toxic relationship.

While there are indeed some Filipinas who look into the materialistic aspect of a relationship, the vast majority still opt to go for a man with a good head on his shoulders. To them, it’s man’s character that keeps them interested and loyal.

Filipinas are very much aware that they are easily drawn when they find a man who perfectly fits their standards. This is when they put their guards up on the highest.

The temptation is high, but they do try their best to stay grounded. Because they know that once the post-honeymoon bliss eventually falls down, reality starts to kick in.

This is the time when couples get to discover little antics that may drive them up the wall, or reveal the skeletons they’ve been hiding in the closet. This might end in unnecessary heartbreak and that’s something Filipinas wouldn’t wanna go through.

They might seem like a decent person, but only at the start of the relationship.

Filipinas are not so easily bought by empty promises and sweet talk. They have to witness for themselves how you are as a partner and a future husband.

As a foreign man, you have to be critical of what you say and do in front of the Filipina you love. In order to win her over, you would have to do the following:

The basis of all courting a Filipina is that you respect her culture. Meaning you can give a side-eye when you see her eating with her hands nor should you make a comment about how weird it is.

The only way to truly understand another’s culture is to experience it. You can also try to learn about Philippines history and her native language to earn some brownie points.

Don’t be afraid to try new things as it will help you grow not just as a romantic partner, but also as an individual. Once you both understand how each of your cultures works, you will learn to adjust appropriately.

You will need to become acquainted with her family when you are trying to court a Filipino woman. Families are, after all, Filipinos’ most important unit. Also, it is normal for a Filipina to take her family into account when making a decision.

Whether you’re poor, rich, handsome, or foreign, if you lack respect for her and her family, you won’t find yourself in her future plans.

The more time you spend with her family, the faster you will gain their trust. It won’t take long before they feel more comfortable around you. And if you manage to impress all family members, they are bound to support your relationship all the way to marriage.

  • Don’t be afraid to talk about the future

If you’re serious about your intentions of courting her, then it’s best to talk about how you can fit in each other’s future plans.

As a foreign man dating a Filipina woman, there’s always the possibility that you’ll be in a long-distance relationship. It’s important to talk about how you will spend your time, how you will stay in touch, and how you can make your relationship work.

What’s more, you would have to decide where you are going to live once you get married. You could choose to stay in the Philippines to be with her, or take her with you to your home country.

Setting expectations can help you feel more secure about your future.

Filipinas date with the intent to marry. It might be the hopeless romantic side of them, but they want to be able to experience the same kind of love that their grandparents have — unconditional and steadfast.

You would have to prove yourself a viable candidate. So indeed it might take some time before a Filipina finally comes around.

If you finally manage to win her over, congratulations! Hold her tight — because you’ve found yourself a keeper.

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